Monday, September 23, 2013

Trailers, Astroturf, Private Bands & Book Festivals

I had such a great weekend filled with both relaxation and excitement.

The weekend kicked off early on Friday afternoon when we had a work event over in the Distillery District. I can't share too many photos as it will give a bit too much personal info away since it was a heavily branded event. :) However, it was FUN.

It was held at Airship 37 which is basically just an old warehouse that is now used for events.  It's actually a really neat as it's a blank slate so any client can transform the space however they please.


The best part was the outdoor space complete with astroturf, lounge chairs and random trailers that you can hang out in. It was such a unique space.

Here are a few photos from the event.

We had our own private performance by an AWESOME local band. I really really wish I could remember the name of them. They were SO good. I'll have to ask some coworkers this week.

Such a great way to kick off the weekend!

Saturday was pouring rain day long so I spent it cleaning and running errands. Nothing exciting there.


Sunday was the Word on the Street Festival.  The first day of fall did not disappoint and it was CHILLY. Nonetheless, it was actually really enjoyable to walk around. Tons of people, lots of great bargains on thousands upon thousands of books and yummy food. There had to be well over 100 different tents filled with various publishing companies, authors or programs related to reading and writing.

The highlight was seeing James Cunningham, host of Eat St. speak about his tv show and latest book. Have you ever seen that show? He basically goes around the world tasting food off food trucks! He's also a comedian so it made for a really funny talk.

I ended up getting two random books for free signed by their authors as the publishing company was having a promotional hour. They aren't really my type of book so I'm not sure I'll ever read them!

All in all, a great weekend to kick start fall!


  1. Can I work for your company? Ktnx. :p

    Dang that rain!

  2. Looks like such a fun weekend! And I LOVE Eat St.!! So jealous that you got to see him speak haha.

  3. I love the Distillery District! There are so many unique places to visit in there.

  4. Looks like such a fun weekend! The outside space looks so fun!

  5. The distillery event and the Eat St. presentation look awesome. Glad you had a nice weekend!

  6. Looks like your company throws awesome events... and that venue is too cool! Pretty creative how they decorated it, considering it was a blank slate to start with! The Word on the Street Festival sounds awesome! Wish we had something like that here!

  7. Oh my goodness, my boyfriend dies for that show! I swear he puts himself through agony watching this while he tries not to eat bad food each night!