Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday

I'm feeling really tired and a little under the weather so this is going to be a quick Five on Friday as I need to lay back down.

Here is a sneak peak from the Princess Margaret Show Home Blogging Event I went to on Wednesday. The house was gorgeous (hello, it better be as it's worth $4 million!). I'm gong to do a full post next week as some from outside of Canada weren't familiar with it. It's a lottery for a great cause (cancer research!!) and this home is one of the prizes.

Also, meeting interior designer Brian Gluckstein? Amazing!

I think I was also interviewed for Gluckstein Home and it was a complete fail. HA! Hilarious.

Taken with my BB - surprisingly!
Not my photo! Still need to upload!Via

I need to do a whole post on mosquitoes one day. I am REALLY allergic to them. My bites swell up huge and I get mass amounts of them. Last night at the event, I got bit 3 times on my forehead (never had that happen before) and now I look slightly crazy with my huge welts. I thought skitters would be gone this time of year, ugh! They ruin my life.


My dad is so sweet. Over the past 2 years he's really gotten into texting so he'll send me a few a day. Every single text he will put "Love Dad" at the end. I keep telling him that I know that the message is from him, but I don't think he fully understands. I definitely don't mind though! :)

I am obsessed with the YouTubers The Saccone Jolys. Obsessed. They do daily vlogs of their life. They have the happiest disposition and are such a fun couple with the most precious little baby girl. If you're looking for a good fall "show", check them out out YouTube. You will get addicted!

How cute is this print? I am thinking of framing it and putting it in one of my halls. 



  1. I can totally relate to the texting thing, because my dad does it all the time too! It's so cute, though!

    Hope you're feeling better soon. Have a great weekend lady!

  2. Being allergic to mosquito's must be horrible. I always get bit even if I use bug spray! Ugh! That is so sweet that your Dad texts you. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. I'm allergic like that to mosquito bites too! Have you always been allergic? Mine developed last year. It's so embarrassing! I don't really know how to deal with it.

    Your dad is definitely very sweet!

  4. Sorry you aren't feeling so hot! Don't come to Houston, ever, then =/ So cute about your dad and I'm excited to hear about the home tour thingy. Have a great and restful weekend!

  5. My dad does the same thing! Too funny :)
    Love that print! It's so pretty and would look great framed I'm sure!

  6. Ugh sounds like you need some Benadryl for those welts. Hope you feel better!!

  7. I love the house, I can't wait for the post on that :)!


  8. I LOVE when parents sign text messages! It makes me laugh every.single.time! Ha! I remember when I taught my mom how to text...I also think it is funny when they use "text language" like "u" "luv" "lol" etc I just have to crack up! :-)

  9. Wow, you really do get it bad with mosquitos! I had bites on my neck once that were so embarrassing. And your father sending texts with "love dad" is so sweet!!

  10. How precious is your dad!!!! My dad is new to texting and always says "luv u 2" because he said doesn't know how to type it all out!! Love it! Enjoy your weekend!! :)

  11. I am exactly the same way with mosquito bites. I can be sitting outside with a huge group of people and I will leave completely bit up and they will have none! It's the worst!

  12. haha I love that tidbit about your dad! My fiance's grandmother texts me all the time, and signs off "Grammy", it's so cute, but so silly!

  13. I'm allergic to mosquitos, too! But I've never met anyone else (except my little sister) who is, and I think when I say that people think I'm nuts. I'm glad someone understands me! haha :)

  14. My mom does the same thing with texting. But I don't mind because it is one of those little things that we will probably miss someday. :)

  15. That house IS beautiful! My mom recently got a smart phone, so she is now a texter. She never ceases to make me smile or laugh. :)

    I sure hope you feel better!


  16. Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope your are feeling better. I understand about the mosquitoes as if there is a bug anywhere in the area it will find me!!!! I am glad though that I am not allergic. Its getting colder so hopefully they will be all gone soon. That is so nice of your dad to text you :)

  17. Just popped over and I am insanely allergic to mosquitos too!! Those little buggers!!!