Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Free Medium Pizza? Don't mind if I do! + Other Randoms

We made it! Midway through the week. Yippee!
  • On Saturday I was walking down the street when I noticed someone from Panago Pizza asking people if they wanted a free medium pizza. I basically made a b-line in that direction like a mad woman and got a coupon. They were giving out hundreds of coupons for free, freshly cooked, medium pizzas. It basically made my day.

  • I was royally ticked on Monday. Two months ago I had some xrays done per my doctors request. She did the usual "I will only call you if there is something wrong" talk. The week afterwards I was so nervous that she was going to call me. I never heard from her that week or the months following so I considered myself golden. I get a call on Monday from my specialists secretary asking if I've had my xrays done yet. Excuse me? I had them done TWO MONTHS ago. The xray place forgot to send them to my doctor. I called the xray place and give them serious heck and told them it was absolutely unacceptable. They had no reason why it was forgotten. SO, my doctor ended up calling yesterday saying she wants to review them with me. It's so unfortunate that it was missed as I've been sitting here for 2 months thinking everything is a-ok. I'm a nervous wreck so please keep me in your thoughts!!!

  • Somewhat related to the above, with the recent news in Ontario about the 3000 misread mammograms and CT scans, I am going to be extra extra cautious now. I really try to not be the annoying patient but at the same time, I also feel as though I really do a good job at being my own advocate but sometimes there is just so much that's out of your hands. Read more about this sad story here:

  • Jays game was last week with work. So much fun despite the team sucks (per usual). We were in a luxury box complete with couches, open bar, and food galore. I didn't take many photos as it was more of a business type event so it didn't seem too appropriate to be snapping photos left, right and centre when I was supposed to be "networking!"


  • I confess that I bought a dress online on the weekend and then completely regretted my decision. It's not that I didn't like the dress - I loved it - but I felt really guilty and don't need to spend anymore money. I then proceeded to call customer service to ask them to cancel the order about an hour after HA, and they said it was already in shipping phase. What the heck? They move fast! It wasn't a big deal as I can return it in the store with no problem, no questions asked but I know as soon as it arrives in my mailbox, I won't be returning it. Must resist!!!!

  • How cute are these mugs from West Elm?
Potter's Workshop Mug
  • I wish I had a front porch for this reason. How precious are these pumpkins?


  1. I will be ridiculous for free stuff too. An employee came up to me at the grocery store the other day with a coupon and a huge bag of pretzels and said "Do you want these? They're free with coupon?" Umm hell yes! I must have a look about me that says if it's free, it's for me!

    Love the West Elm mugs and I am glad you told the x-ray place how they affected you! Hopefully all is good and it will be something simple like drink more milk!

  2. Where were they giving out these coupons?? I want free pizza!

    It's great that we get free health care, but it's really unfortunate when situations like yours happen. Which is why I try to avoid the doctor at all costs. I hope you're okay!

  3. Free pizzas? That's a really quick way to make your weekend amazing!

    I am totally with you on wishing we had a front porch. We have a back porch, so I may have to do a little something out there but it's just not as fun!

  4. Hope that everything goes okay with your X-ray! That is scary that people can wait that long to find out the results. Those pumpkins are so cute! What about on a mantle or side table?

  5. Yay for free pizza! I hope everything is alright with your x-rays. I think I'll try painting a pumpkin for the first time with year!

  6. Sorry about your X-rays...I would be furious! I will keep you in my prayers.