Monday, September 30, 2013

Princess Margaret Hospital Dream Home - Decorated by Brian Gluckstein

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to attend a private showing of the Princess Margaret Hospital Dream home with some other fabulous bloggers and Brian Gluckstein, an incredibly talented interior designer who decorated this home from top to bottom. His line, Gluckstein Home is very popular in Canada and is sold at The Bay and Home Outfitters so it was VERY exciting that I got to hang out with him for the night!

The Princess Margaret Lottery is a annual lottery where all proceeds support the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Prizes include everything from cars, cottages, condos and some brand new homes. Anyone can buy a ticket ($100.00) for their chance to be in the lottery draw!

This home was 7,000sq ft, $3.7 million and located in Oakville, Ontario.

I had the opportunity to chat with Brian for about 5 minutes before he started the tour. He is so easy to talk to and very genuine. He explained that the home took only 5 months from when the old house was torn down to when the new house was fully complete and decorated. 5 MONTHS!

I will let my photos do the talking but let me tell you, no detail was missed.

Brian Gluckstein and I

 Gluckstein used different flooring to define spaces within the home as illustrated in the photo below.

The below was a neat and well thought out area of the house. There was a gigantic photo on the wall and when you look in the mirror on the opposite wall, it places yourself in the hallway that's in the photo. So neat!

Glass floor looking into the wine cellar

I LOVED how the TV is a part of the gallery wall.

Upstairs hallway - stunning

Hello master closet that's bigger than my condo!
Sitting area of the master bedroom

The master bathroom was one of the most gorgeous rooms of the house. It had a really cool bathtub, by Kohler, that has a built in lighting and speaker system where the water moves to the rhythm of the music. 

Downstairs rec room
I definitely didn't even come close to photographing all the rooms in the house but the above gives you an idea of it's gorgeousness!

Thank you again to PMH for opening your doors and to Brian for spending the evening with us!


  1. What a fun opportunity! And that house is absolutely stunning!

  2. I'm so jealous that you go to do this! How'd you get the opportunity? I'd love to have seen this house in person!

  3. What a fun event and getting to see such well thought out rooms! That sitting room was gorgeous! I would love a walk-in closet that big!!

  4. Lucky you, girl!! That house is gorgeous!! I love the color scheme, and the glass floor is pretty cool too :-)

  5. Wow, that house is ridiculous in the best way. Love the mirror/art thing!

  6. holy moly, that is beautiful! talk about a dream home, I love it!

  7. Wow! That place is gorgeous and I'm loving your working out pose!!

  8. Wow, this house is amazing! I can't believe they put it all together in 5 months. :D

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