Thursday, September 5, 2013

ABCs - All About Me!

I saw this fun post on a blog a while back (sorry, I forget who!!) and since I always love knowing a tiny bit more about the fabulous writer behind a blog, I thought I'd share with you my ABCs.

Age: 27.

Bed size: King and never going smaller!

Chore you dislike: Ironing. Big time.

Dogs: None.

Essential start to your day: Any type of cereal except All Bran!

Favorite color: Navy,Gray

Gold or silver: Silver.

Height: 5'6"...ish

Instruments you play(ed): I played piano for a year and hated it/sucked. I think I had to play the triangle in elementary school too. Amazing.

Job title: I prefer not to share this but I work in a very corporate world :)

Kids: 0 for now!

Live: Toronto

Mom’s name: Jane Elizabeth

Nicknames: A bunch to do with my last name :)

Overnight hospital stays: Pneumonia when I was a child.

Pet Peeves: Slow walkers. Can't handle them.

Quote from a movie: "It's so FLUFFY!!!" - extra points for anyone who can name the movie! 

Righty or Lefty: Lefty

Siblings: 2 brothers. One older, one younger.

Time you wake up: 6am during the week.

Underwear: Yes...

Vegetables you don’t like: Mushrooms. They are disgusting. Especially canned ones.

What makes you run late: I'm never late. Actually. Being late is another one of my pet peeves and gives me anxiety lol!

X-Rays you’ve had: I've had way too many...of probably my whole body. Fun fact though, I've never broken a bone!

Yummy food you make: taco soup

Zoo animal favorite: penguin

Share your ABC's with me friends!!! 


  1. Isn't the fluffy thing from Despicable Me? I have never seen it but I know more than I should about pop culture. I'm glad you posted how tall you are. I always wonder that about bloggers!

  2. I'm jealous that you have a king bed. I have a queen, so when I stay at a hotel, I feel so luxurious!

    I hate slow walkers too! And mushrooms! Yucky mushrooms.

  3. I love penguins too and being on time is SO important! It gets a bit harder once you have kids, but still do-able!! And I love that quote from Despicable Me's so fluffy I'm gonna die!! lol. Great post ;)

  4. I love these, i did one once too. You learn so much! We are both 5'6" and lefties!! Woohoo! I don't like mushrooms or people who are late. I knew I liked you for a reason, good taste can not be denied! ;)

  5. Oh man I don't even know what I'd do with a king-sized bed! So much room! (We have a queen.) Random fact: my parents slept together for 27 years ON A FULL. Not a king, not a queen, a FULL-sized bed. When they went to finally upgrade, the guy at the mattress store said he'd never heard of such a thing. Isn't that crazy!?

  6. Love this!! You are awesome. I have a full size bed. When we babysit my aunts dogs and have to sleep there we sleep in the king bed. Im 5'2 and not too big so I drown in the bed. Im so with you on gtting aniety about being late. I have to be like 20 minutes early. No idea why. I started school Tuesday and got to my 1pm class at 12:50 and mostly evryone was there...I was so sad! I swear the only place I dont find slow walkers is at the grocery store. Everyone seems to be accelerated, my goodness. Sometimes when I go to the store I actually wish they were slow!

  7. I love penguins! And I also hate slow walkers. I mean it's fine walk any speed you want people, but for the love of moses at least walk slow on the EDGE of the path..not the middle of the sidewalk.