Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday

I've been on the hunt for a new runner (rug) in my kitchen for about a year now. My kitchen isn't very big so the ones I find are always too long. Does anyone have any ideas?
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If only my kitchen looked like that!
I made a Mongolian Chicken recipe this week and it was delicious. It ended up making a TON so I ate it for about 3 days and then froze the rest. I'm so envious of all you that plan out your meals every week. I really need to start to do that better.
Brittany at then there was we posted this link earlier this week and found it so fascinating. It details 7 families from around the world and what they eat in a week. It really makes me stop and think.
J. Crew No 2 Pencil Skirt. If you work in a setting that you need to dress up or you just need some more sophisticated skirts, do yourself a favour and check these out. They are pricey but I never buy them full price as they usually have them at the Outlets for at least 60% off.
They come in all different colours and patterns and look so good on everyone. Better yet, you can wear them year round!
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A coworker and I had a discussion about skiing today at work and it made me so giddy to hit the slopes again. Unfortunately, we don't have many huge mountains in Ontario but there are still some great resorts. Who knows, maybe Mr. C and I will go to Vermont! Bring on the winter (I'll be laughing at myself for saying that in 2 months).
Blue Mountain, ON
Top of Lake Louise, Alberta
Top of Whistler, BC


  1. I've wanted the J Crew No 2 pencil skirt for a loooong time now!

  2. 1) I love that pencil skirt!!
    2) Hitting the slopes is the only good thing about winter (and you're pictures make me a little bit excited for it. Haha). I tried skiing last year for the first time, and I was SO bad at it! Back to snowboarding for me :-)

  3. Recipe please!

    Which outlets do you go to? I generally go across to Buffalo, since it's cheaper there. I definitely need more pencil skirts!

    I hate winter. With a passion. And I can't ski. I tried one and a tree attacked me. I envy you for being able to!

  4. I love a good pencil skirt! That Mongolian beef looks so good! Please do not jinx us by talking about Winter already, just No!! ;)

  5. I'm so jealous of your outlet prices!! I wish I lived near an outlet!
    I am dreading winter... I've heard it's going to be a nasty one this year. Ugh!
    PLEASE email me your mongolian chicken recipe?!

  6. That kitchen is gorgeous! So light and airy looking! I don't have many suggestions but I often shop for housewares at HomeGoods, Target and Pier 1. Do you have those stores in Canada?

    And I'm totally jealous that you can easily go skiing! I haven't been in years and that's because I would have to fly somewhere which makes it a very expensive trip!

  7. Your recipe looks delicious! I recently started meal planning {and freezer meal planning!} and it has been a HUGE time saver!!

  8. You should go to Utah sometime! "Greatest Snow on Earth!"

  9. Love the blog and thanks for stopping by mine! :) I love that J. Crew skirt. It's amazing and I wish I had time to hit up an outlet.

    Oh and also, have you heard of Lulu and Georgia? They have great cheap rugs.

  10. I saw the kitchen picture before I saw the caption and was like wow... it made me feel better that you are actually awwing over it too. :)

    I will definitely have to look into the skirts! I have the hardest time finding ones that are comfortable and flattering.


  11. Have you tried for the rug?

    Everyone raves about that JCrew skirt but I am just not built for that store ;/ So sad...