Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Midweek Randoms

  • I saw this notice in my condo elevator the other night. Who puts furniture down a garbage chute? Hilarious.
  • Remember this post where I complained about my computer issues? Well on Sunday night my computer decided to completely crash. I couldn't even turn it on. After calling Toshiba and going through about 4-5 different fixes, it still wasn't corrected. The best part? My manufacturer warranty expired THAT DAY (last time this happened I was told it had already expired). This was a blessing and a curse. I knew that if nothing worked, I could ship it to them and get it repaired under warranty. The curse was that I worked all day Monday so had to figure all this crap out at work to make sure I met the warrant deadline! Thankfully, I was able to do a full operating system restore and it seems to be working now. I am so relieved I bought that external hard drive a few weeks ago as there is currently nothing on my computer. Nothing.

  • Speaking of that, since there is nothing on my computer, I have discovered a random game that appeared and am now addicted. It's a kids game geared towards memory called Purble Place. Ladies, I swear this game is for full on kids. It is SO HARD. There are 3 levels so clearly since I am 27 and this game is made for 6 year olds, I went straight for the hardest level. I've played it about 30 times and I can't beat it. I can't even come close. It's an embarrassment to my memory.

  • Earlier this week I was in boots and a coat. Yesterday and today it feels like 45 with the humidity. I think it's hotter than any other day we had this summer.

  • Today I am off to a Blue Jays game (our Major League Baseball team..think the San Fran Giants of Toronto ha). Only difference is that our team sucks. Big time. However, we have box seats with work so it will be fun to go drink some beer, eat some unhealthy food and take in the game.


  1. Ah, I would love to get to a Blue Jays game. My sister lives in Toronto so I'm hoping I'll get there one day soon!

    Have fun and let's hope for a win!

  2. Okay, that note is hilarious! People have creative ways of getting rid of things haha. And we're having uber hot weather too. Not that I'm complaining ;-)

    Glad I found your blog through the comment you left on mine! I'm excited to read more!

  3. Ok I seriously read that entire dumpster notice and laughed. The high here today, 100 degree with humidity so it feels much hotter than 100! The Blue Jays stadium is gorgeous! Enjoy the game! :)

  4. bahaha! Seriously? Oh gosh, people, no furniture down the garbage chute. Geez.

  5. I really wonder these people are thinking when they do dumb stuff like that, too funny! Is it weird that i would totally love that game?! Have fun at the game tonight, have a few brews so I can live vicariously through you, m'kay?!

  6. Oh I totally feel for you on the computer - I'm glad it is in working order now!

    Wow on the garbage chute and kudos to your condo manager... Can you imagine how the folks who actually did it feel?? Eek!

    Enjoy the game! :)

  7. LOL 45 had me so confused. Darn you, Metric system! And wow, your building really wants to find the culprit! Who does that?

  8. Love Jays games. Even if they lose, it's always a good atmosphere and guaranteed good time! Although, your wallet may not agree with you at the end of the night.

  9. LOL to the kids game! I love computer games and apps. Keep the suggestions coming!

    Ah, Jays. Why must they suck?