Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Midweek Randoms

  • I love that it's already Wednesday. My days always get so messed up with a long weekend.
  •  September is always hilarious to see the vast difference in the way people dress here. I swear I saw people in winter parkas and some in shorts and flip flops. Welcome to Ontario!
  • Seeing all the students move into residence this past weekend had me feeling a bit sad even though the city I'm in now isn't where I went to school. I can't believe it was NINE years ago that I moved into residence (where I knew NO ONE) but later came out with such amazing friends. Sidenote, I've actually never not lived in a university town.
My Uni!
  • Speaking of university, it's frosh week for all the universities. When walking home from work today all the UofT students were out trying to raise money for a local charity which I am fully supportive of. The bad part? They were blocking entire sidewalks and intersections. Move people! We commuters want to get home!!
  • Just saw a youtube ad that Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition is starting this week! I used to dance for about 13 years. Not competitive or anything but I really enjoyed it. I did tap!!
  • On of my besties won an all inclusive trip down south and she left on Monday to Jamaica. So jealous. She was actually at a bridal show with a friend who was getting married and decided to enter in the draw so she technically won a honeymoon (even though she's not engaged). Ha!

Dear Casey: jealous of you and your winning ways.
  • I bought this top over the weekend from Old Navy. The photo doesn't do it justice and actually makes the top look really plain. It's made of the softest material ever and feels really well made - more of a twill material than cotton. I'll be pairing this with a fun coloured waisted belt and some jeans for the fall!

  • What fall shows will you be watching? There aren't too many that catch my eye.


  1. I love fall because of TV! Wow, that sounds really sad. Anyway, there's lots of stuff I'm looking forward to: New Girl, The Mindy Project, The Walking Dead.... yay!!

    I don't know how you live near a university. The moment I graduated from York, I was out of there! But then again, York is in the middle of nowhere.

  2. I miss living near a campus! It was so full of life! Now I feel old. Looking forward to New Girl, and Sons of Anarchy. Wondering if I will get hooked on some new shows.

  3. I love fall! I haven't picked out any new shows to watch, but I really like New Girl and Modern Family!


  4. I LOVE that shirt! And your Uni looks so pretty!

    The only Fall show I'm looking forward to is NCIS. That's about the only one I make a point to watch.

    Hope the rest of the week is a good one!

  5. Haha, winter parkas to shorts and flip flops... that is so funny! But I've been seeing a mixture in my area too. Crazy how it's already the 4th of September. I feel like this week is going fast too!

  6. Girl, I've been messed up too this week! And the football games have got me missing my college years!

  7. COLLEGE TOWNS! :) I grew up in a college town and we are HOPEFULLY moving back to one :) I love college towns!

  8. Sons of Anarchy is the only one I am really looking forward to at the moment! I am sure I will get hooked on a bunch of shows though. By the way Love that shirt and the dresses!!!

  9. I'm so ready for Homeland to start!

  10. I haven't really looked into annny of the new shows that are starting to know what I should watch (plus..I watch SO MUCH TV anyway) I really shouldn't get hooked on any new shows. BUT I did DVR Abby's ultimate dance competition and will be watching that again.

    LOVE that top you bought!! I may have to scope out old navy myself this weekend!