Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Time I Became BFFs with Bradley Cooper

After my Five on Friday post a few weeks back, many wanted the inside scoop on why Mr. Cooper and I became bffs.

Let's go back to the fall of 2012. Exactly this time last year. It was the Toronto International Film Festival (aka the time when all the celebs flock to our city). I'm not one to go out of my way to catch a glimpse of a celeb and to be honest, prior to this, I had seen zero celebs in my life. Go me!

A friend and I were going for dinner in the area where the major theatres are and we noticed that a few of the bigger films were happening that night.

We heard a few screams across the street so we clearly bolted in that direction, dodging traffic and it was like the sky opened and sang to me. There stood Bradley Cooper. There were probably only about 20 people gathered at this time (and it was outside the media tent so it was a huge area). I felt like we locked eyes and he started walking towards my friend and I. I nearly died. He started signing some autographs and made his way to us, taking selfies with everyone, answering their questions and was SO friendly and genuine. I can't recall if I asked him anything as I was so damn shocked and I definitely didn't get an autograph (no pen/paper and I'm not a fan of them). I did, however get these beauties below. His smile is forever etched in my brain. We were so giddy the rest of the night.

That, my friends, is the story of how Bradly and I became BFFs. I think what made it most fun is that we just happened to "stumble" upon him and we were there before the throngs of crazy people starting pushing and screaming.


Oh Bradley.....

We also happened to stumble upon Hallie Barry. The photo below isn't mine but see that pink camera back there? I was standing behind that crazy person. See those people who are much higher than everyone else? Ya, they brought their own step stools. Hardcores.

Have you seen any celebs recently in your area?


  1. People brought step stools?! Say what??

    I think the girl from Twilight was at the Trump yesterday. I may have walked by her. It was hard to tell from the crowd and I have no interest in cheaters (didn't she cheat on what's-his-name?) so I kept walking.

    So awesome that you saw Bradley Cooper though!!

  2. So great you lucked into him!

    The same kinda thing happened to us when we were in New York, we were just walking in Times Square and the next thing I know Gerard Butler was literally two feet in front of us. Such a great surprise!!

  3. My Dad bumped into Marvin Hagler (boxer) in Little Ceasar pizza when I was younger, and I served Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk) in college. That is so cool you got there before the huge crowd came.

  4. Wow! Of all the celebrities that flock to Toronto, you ran into him. Lucky girl! A few years ago at this time I was dropping my husband off at the airport and I ran into Ryan Gosling. I stepped right out of my shoe (no lie). I love him.

  5. Holy moly!!! You lucky girl! I have never seen a full-on celebrity in my life, unless you include Kalan Porter (who won Canadian Idol back in the day). He was from my hometown, and most people don't know who he is, but he held a door for me once. Le sigh.

  6. That's so cool, especially because you weren't stalking him! I'm not a fan of autographs, either - what's the point?

  7. Jealous!!! That is so cool he was so friendly too! I can't believe people brought step stools, that is crazyness!

  8. That's so exciting you saw Bradley Cooper! He has the pretties blue eyes! Surprisingly I have seen a decent amount of celebs in my area, I live in Nashville and have seen: Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Resse Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Paula Deen, some of the cast from Nashville, Taylor Swift, and a few other singers and celebs.


  9. That is pretty neat!!!! Very cool. :)