Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

Advance warning that this post is more random than normal. You've been warned!


I live about a 30-35 minute walk to work and most of the time I take transit. When you work 9+ hours each day, the last thing I typically want to do is walk to or from work. Feel free to judge me, it's ok haha! It's not even the walking part that bothers me as it's a fairly nice walk. It's the fact that I have my heavy laptop with me (required to bring it home every night) + lunch + need to dress appropriately for walking. It's all such a task.

I have attempted to bike to work and did most of last summer but my work area is EXTREMELY busy with cars/construction at the moment so it's just not great. Plus, last year on the way home I fell of my bike and nearly died (not really, but it could have been really bad) so now I keep biking to weekend activities!

I do walk every now and then especially in the spring and fall. This week I have walked to and from work each day. I'm so awesome. I was thinking I should attempt this for all of September but I'd fail miserably. What do you think?! Here are some shots from my morning walk - excuse the crappy Blackberry photos.


Thermometers. I told you this was going to be a really random Five on Friday.

I've never owned a thermometer. I guess I never needed one in uni and obviously pre-uni I just used my parents when I was living at home. I decided to buy one on my way home yesterday because I feel like it's just an essential item.

WHY ARE THERMOMETERS SO EXPENSIVE? They had one there for over $100.00! I mean, I'm sure it's worth it if you have kids but that is so excessive to me. They are all fancy now, too. Mine lights up red, yellow or green depending on what your temperature is. Maybe they all do that now but I thought it was brilliant. I bought the Vick's Speed Read Thermometer - lifetime warranty baby! ha!


Toronto International Film Festival starts this weekend and all the stars are descending upon the city. I can't remember if I mentioned this, but last year, Bradley Cooper and I became bffs. Perhaps I'll find some new friends this year ;)

The day we became bffs.


I'm in a serious rut when it comes to bringing lunch to work. I pack it 99.9% of the time and find myself so sick of the things I usually bring. Do you have any suggestions? What do you bring to work? I you stay at home/are in school, what do you eat for lunch? I sometimes bring dinner leftovers but I typically like to save those for dinner the next night.

I've done the whole salads, tuna sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, wraps etc. I need some inspiration!

Packed Lunches for Working Women


After my US Travel Wish List post earlier this week, I had a few mention that I should add NYC and Boston to my list. Mr. C and I actually made a trip to both of those cities last year and although I had been before, we both loved our time in each of the cities. Thanks for all the recos! :)


  1. Your morning walk to work looks so beautiful! I'm like you though I could do it every now and then but not every day; my legs feel so tired after work for some reason!


  2. So jealous that you can walk to work, but the prep for it does sound like a pain! OMG Bradley Cooper, please blog about that. My thermometer was like $3.It does not light up, though. Lunches are hard for me, too. I am going to try to make a quinoa salad this weekend or something so I look forward to it, but I will probably get tired of it like everything else! Some days, I like "snack days" - just oatmeal, fruit, veggies and hummus, nuts, a 100 calorie pack, etc. spread throughout the day makes eating less of a chore!

  3. That walk to work looks amazing! I completely understand though since I bring like everything in my house to work with me. (Slight exaggeration) If you happen to stumble upon Ryan Reynolds {former Canadian ;)} grab his butt for me and give deets! Just kidding, maybe!

  4. I'm super impressed that you're walking to work! When I have to be presentable (meaning I can't wear workout clothes), it's a pain to walk even from the parking lot into school because it feels like 100000 degrees here. I'm jealous of what I'm assuming is some nice fall weather up there!

  5. I have a feeling that we work pretty close to each other. There's a ton of construction in the area that I work in too. But then again, that's this city for you!

    Pfft, I wouldn't walk to work while carrying a laptop either. I used to a Goodlife downtown, but it meant take my gym bag with me to work, which meant taking it on the subway. That thing is heavy. Just too much work!

    I'd love to hear your story of Bradley Cooper!

  6. I am loving the fact that I'm pretty sure I was seeing a skirt paired with sneakers for your morning walk - that is awesome!

    I don't think people have any idea how heavy laptops are... I'm not sure what you have, but the best thing I EVER did in that regard was purchase a backpack with a laptop sleeve. It really is the best thing ever.

    I cannot help you in any way on the lunch issue - I am the worst. I got on an instant mac & cheese kick for awhile. There are smart ones that taste half way decently... I usually just end up taking a variety of stuff. And then eating out - ha! If you learn anything on this, let me know. ;)


  7. jealous that you were in the mist of the gorgeousness of Bradley Cooper :)

    have a great weekend!

  8. i lug a huge cooler of all my food to work every day!
    lunch: 2 baked chicken legs, huge salad w/home made dressing, fruit, some sort of healthy carb ie. quinoa or sweet potato; snacks: sliced peppers + hummas or raw baby carrots + greek yogurt.

    i leave my hummas and greek yogurt in the fridge at work so i don't have to bring it back/forth during the week and i take it home with me on fridays.

    bringing food to work saves major $$ and prevents you from eating fast food crap!

    Vodka and Soda

  9. Girl, I'm no help in the lunch dept. I pack a pb&j EVERY DAY. Basically since high school. Never have I gotten sick of it. Love me some pb&j.