Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Island Chicken Recipe

If you have not checked out Annie's Eats, please go check out her blog now - and then come back and read my post. :) She posts amazing recipes with such great variety and spins on everyday food.
I tried this recipe about a year ago and it has become a go to favourite because, as you know, I love QUICK AND EASY!

Island Chicken

1/4 cup vegetable oil
3 tbsp lemon juice
1 1/2 tsp soy sauce
1 glove garlic pressed
1/2 tsp dried oregano
2-4 chicken breasts/thighs

Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Marinate up to 10 hours. I normally do it overnight. Cook chicken at 350 degrees when ready.  Pour the remaining marinate mixture on the top about halfway through.

The flavours on this is AMAZING and I guarantee you will love!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2014 CN Tower Stair Climb - 144 Flights Here We Come!

A few coworkers and I made a commitment yesterday that we were going to participate in the 2014 WWF CN Tower Stair Climb.
The CN Tower is our major landmarks in Toronto and is the 5th tallest building and free standing structure in the world...and we are going to climb the stairs to the top....haha!!

Each year, the World Wildlife Foundation has an event for the public to participate in where you raise money for the World Wildlife Foundation and then climb (run) to the top of the tower. The fastest person did it in 10 minutes last year. 10 freakin' minutes!!! There are 1776 steps, 144 flights of stairs.

My goal is to complete it in 25 minutes (average time is 30 minutes). Training starts now for April! I'm super excited as I love working towards a goal and it's extra fun that I'm doing it with some work friends.


I will keep you updated on my training regime. HA!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday

Another week has come and gone. Dang! I cannot believe we are so close to 2014! As usual, you know the drill for Fridays. 

My Nexus 5 was supposed to arrive yesterday according to the UPS tracking. Only issue is that it said it was out for shipment in CONCORD. Readers who are not from Toronto, please note that Concord is about an hour away from Toronto. As of 9pm on Thursday, I still do not have it. WAHHH! It's a running joke with some people in my office now as they got theirs so quickly and with no issues. 
I ended up ordering the wireless charger on Thursday when it launched. No exaggeration, I ordered it 5 minutes after my co workers. Let's just say that theirs has already SHIPPED and there are no signs of life for mine.
I think Google Play hates me. 

I saw this ad earlier in the week and loved it. Who doesn't love a bunch of men doing thrusting motions in their boxers to Christmas music!? Haha. I can only imagine how many takes that had to do on this as a result of laughing!

I'm going to a Leafs game (NHL) on Saturday with 9 other coworkers. It's a rare treat to get to go to a Leafs game in Toronto as tickets are REALLY expensive and it's extremely difficult to get your hands on them. We're going to be in a box with all you can eat food and drinks. I cannot wait. 
For the record, I'm 4 out of 9 in my hockey fantasy pool at work. Not too shabby!


I'm loving this dress from the Gap, but can I please point out how difficult it is to find work dresses with ANY sort of sleeve? Last time I checked, I live in Canada and whether there is snow on the ground or not, it is freezing in office buildings. I wear cardigans/blazers 4 out of 5 days which is fine but I'm always on the hunt for a work dress with sleeves! 


Do you have a West Elm store near you? We have one of the only two stores in Canada in Toronto and I LOVE it. It's a bit pricer but their furniture/decor always goes on sale so you can typically find a great deal if you just have patience. I've purchased a few of my larger pieces from there over the past few years as an investment. I'll do a post on that one day. For now, I am lusting over all of their holiday decor!

Felt Snowflake Stocking
Felt Ball Wreath 
Feather Trees

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Things I Wish I was Brave Enough To Do

I saw this idea from Jenni over at Flying on a Rainbow and wanted to follow suit. Go check out her blog if you don't already. She is amazing!

Here are a few things I wish I was brave enough to do.

Quit My Job & Go Travel

I feel like I missed the boat on this. I know it's so much more common now to take a year off of school to travel abroad or take a year between university graduation and starting "real working life" but I didn't do either. Don't get me wrong, I have traveled abroad numerous times but usually it was for 2 weeks at a time. I think it would be so fun to really immerse yourself in a culture and stay for a few months. In order to do that, I would need to quit my job!

Scuba Dive
I love the water. I am a strong swimmer and not really deathly afraid of sharks, fish or anything of the sort but scuba diving freaks me out! I've done the snorkeling thing and that was fine, but something about being attached to a breathing supply scares me.
Join an Intramural League
I know this sounds lame and pretty stupid of me to put in here, but I grew up playing sports. A part of me really misses this and I've been toying with the idea of joining an intramural league but I am terrified. It makes me feel like I am back in grade school!

Flip A House
I would absolutely love to flip a house. Buy one that is barely standing and make it my own. This isn't feasible right now because I don't have the money to do that but even pretending if I did, I still am not sure if I would be brave enough. It's a lot of work!!!

What do you wish you were brave enough to do?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Latest Purchase: The Warmest Winter Coat in the World

Friends, I made a big purchase. A really big purchase. I am not a fan of them because lets face it, I don't have money growing off trees, but this one excites me.

A few weeks ago, two coworkers were talking about their winter coats they have. One was a guy, another was a lady and both RAVED about them. They couldn't stop telling me how warm they were. I ended up trying on the ladies jacket and oh my word, it was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. Let me introduce you to the brand Nobis and this wonderful coat. Cue music. 

Merideth picture 
Hood/fur can come off completely.
Then they told me the price and I freaked. 

Over the past week or so I had been thinking more and more about it. I am a huge believer in warm coats and have had one that has lasted me 7 years. It was time for an upgrade. The one I have now, I thought was expensive at the time, and it has lasted me this long and held up so well.

I bit the bullet and BOUGHT IT. I am SO excited.It looks identical to the one I had previously but its 10x warmer. It plain black, won't go out of style and the fur and the hood comes off as well.
Part of the price of the coat is going to be my Christmas present from my Dad so it all worked out great. I also ended up getting 10% off.

FYI, the guy at work has this jacket and also love it for men. He takes the fur off.

Have you ever heard of the Nobis brand?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Favourite Teas

Temperatures have dropped here in Toronto which has me leaning towards tea in the evening more and more. I've discovered some new yummies recently that I wanted to share.

Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orange Spice

I really like this tea because it's a nice change from the darker ones I normally go for. It's usually semi expensive in store, so I rarely get it but when I do it's such a nice treat. The orange zest in it really wakes you up!
Four O'Clock Banana Cinnamon Spice Tea

I actually got a free sample of this on my way to work a few weeks ago. The banana part of it scared me a little, but it's the perfect hint of it mixed with the Cinnamon and spice. So perfect to cozy up with in the evenings.

Four O'Clock Gingerbread Tea

Another free sample I got and oh my goodness, it's Christmas in a cup. Please just do yourself a favour and go buy it. You will thank me.

Zhena's Gypsy Tea Early Greater Grey

My go to tea is always an Early Grey and I normally just do the Red Rose one. I know, boring, right? When I want to spice up my Earl Grey love, I normally go for this. It has a much more rich flavour is generally a bit better tasting, albeit more expensive!

 Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Earl Greater Grey
What are your favourite teas?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday

You know the drill!
I hit 100 posts! DANG! I never ever thought I would have loved blogging and chatting with all you awesome ladies as much as I do! I am so thankful for everyone who reads along.  You have all made me laugh, inspired me and have made me feel so welcomed in this awesome community. 

Here's to 100 more.
♥ - perfect birthday date

Remember the coats I ordered from Banana Republic for 50% off? Remember when I said I was so madly in love with the cobalt wool coat? Ya, I ended up returning all of them.
The navy coat didn't fit at all, so that for sure went back and was an easy decision. I loved the cobalt coat. Loved. However, something just seemed off about it. It fit fine, it was great quality, a beautiful colour but I just didn't think I would get any wear out of it so I returned it. I'm still slightly traumatized but trying to move on. :)
Thank you for all your sweet comments on my post yesterday about holiday stress starting to kick in. It seems like many of you can relate.

On a semi related note, I asked Mr. C if we could get a Christmas tree this year and he laughed in my face. GAH. We don't have space for it at all and we are barely home around Christmas so I kind of see his point but how FUN would that be.  Maybe next year.

Christmas Tree- Love the rustic look!!!
Taking lunches. Call me crazy but I never ever take a lunch at work. I always bring my lunch and eat at my desk while continuing to work. I know this is bad and I just got into a routine of not going out for lunch. It is always insanely busy at work so sometimes it's easier to just stay.
This past week, I went out for lunch (even if I didn't EAT out) every single day, and oh my word, I feel like a new woman. It feels so great to get out of the office, away from your computer, and talk to people about non work related things. Life changing. I don't think I'll continue with doing it every single day, but I am going to start making a conscious effort to go out more often. 

13 New Ideas for Brown-Bag Lunches #thetexasfoodnetwork #recipes #chefshellp #food #TexasRecipes
I bought a new concealer from the drug store that you should go get your hands on stat if you need a new one. Revlon Colorstay Concealer. It's nice and creamy, covers spots well and is super cheap!

Revlon ColorStay Concealer 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Holiday Stress Already?

It's no secret. I am an anxious person. I worry about every little thing - from the stupidest of things to things that actually deem to be normal to be anxious about.I feel absurd to even be posting about this, but I can't get it out of my head. See, I am a worrier!
Ellen: Holiday Stress, Tony at Victoria Secret Show & Toys for Tots

For 22 years, we had the exact same Christmas/holiday routine. I would be home from school (whether it be elementary school, high school or university) as would my brothers. Christmas was done at home with my immediate family and usually my grandparents. A small gathering. Perfect though. No chaos, no long drives, no moving from house to house. Just us spending family time together. Sometimes a movie on Boxing Day but mainly just sitting around enjoying each others company. I knew exactly what we were having for dinner, that we had to go open our stockings before gifts, that we would be going to Christmas Eve mass and come home to some yummy sandwiches. I just knew the routine and loved it.

Since then, many things have changed. Not only has my mom passed away, but my dad has retired, my brothers and I have jobs, Mr. C has come along, I live 5-6 hours from my dad and he has a new lady friend.

Every Christmas since my mom passed, we have had a different "routine" for Christmas. Let me recap:

2006 - the year my mom passed away. We went to my aunt's cottage in Tremblant. It was so needed as we couldn't bare the thought of having Christmas without her in our home.

2007 - Christmas at home (we had just moved to a new house) with my great uncle and immediate family.

2008 - same as 2007 but we decided to have our dinner catered. I know that sounds weird, but it was freakin' delicious and all the cooking in the year prior was too stressful/a lot of work for a small group.

2009 - no clue to be honest
2010 - by this time, my dad had met a new lady friend (who is still his lady friend today) and so we had Christmas at her place. This was a HUGE change. I believe this was also the first year where I spent Christmas eve/Christmas morning with Mr. C's family and then we drove 5 hours to mine on Christmas Day.

2011 - I think about the same but my dads lady friend also joined us.

2012 - Christmas Eve/Morning with Mr. C's family and then we decided to go to a really famous Christmas Dinner at a Fairmont Hotel in Ottawa. Again, a  big change as it wasn't a home cooked meal. We also experienced a HORRID snow storm on our Christmas Day drive.

2013 - Change of plans again. Christmas Eve/Morning with Mr. C's family and then driving EIGHT hours to Mont Tremblant to hopefully make it there for dinner.....
*update since when I originally drafted this post. There has been a change yet again to our plans haha!
All this to show that I don't handle change very well. I find the holidays to be stressful and I am not trying to be a grinch. Gift purchasing/giving doesn't bother me as I have a small family and shop for mainly men so it's not too bad in that area. I worry about other things. I worry about the weather. Will it be a massive blizzard on our long drive? Will we make it in time for dinner or will everyone need to wait for us? I worry about my family dynamics. Things are difficult at times. I worry about my younger brother who won't be able to join us this year. I worry about WORK of all dang things. I worry about whether my dad wishes I stayed longer or that I could spend Christmas Eve with him.
It's just an emotionally exhausting time for me each year. Don't get me wrong - I love it. I love spending time with my family, relaxing and hanging out but not when there is a new normal each year. For someone that is a worry wart and anxious to begin with, it just eats at my mind. I sometimes wish I could go back to those precious 21 years of holiday routine I had.

Does anyone else find the holiday time stressful or am I just being crazy? haha!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Coral & Gray Pretties

I love coral and gray together. LOVE. It's such a soft palette that instantly makes me happy. I wish I had more rooms in my condo so I could decorate with this colour scheme, but alas, that won't be happening. For now, here are some pretties I love.
coral and gray | love the tablecoral and gray decoration ideasGuest Room Gray and Coralcoral and gray
Also loving this scarf but I DO NOT need anymore!
Via Gap
What's your favourite colour combo?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sweater Weather Tag

I saw this post over on Simply Sweet Melissa last week and knew that I had to do it. We are deep into the fall weather in Toronto so what better time to do it than now!
1. Favorite candle scent?
Hands down, Bath & Body Works Leaves. I went crazy last year and bought five with the fear they may not have them this year!

2. Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?
I hate coffee and hot chocolate seems more like a winter treat for me so I'm going with tea, though I don't drink too much of it.

3. Do you switch up your makeup routine for the season?
I don't switch up my routine at all. I probably should but ya, doesn't happen. Too lazy, too cheap. Keepin' it real.

4. Favorite Thanksgiving food?
Thanksgiving has long passed or us but it would be apple pie and stuffing!!!!
5. Hats or scarves?
For the fall, scarves. In the winter, hats AND scarves. For the record, we do call them toque's in Canada. :)

6. Most worn sweater?
It would probably be a white cable knit sweater from Joe Fresh last year. It's classic, warm and goes with anything. I'm also a huge fan of cardigans in the fall and own way too many than I care to admit. They come in handy at work as our office is freezing year round.
7. Must have Fall nail polish?
I don't wear too much nail polish but it would be Essie Carry On.

         Essie "carry on" for fall/winter. Just painted my nails this color.

8. Football games or jumping in a pile of leaves?
Hm...piles of leaves are scarce in Toronto so I am going to go with football games, although I never go to those either. :) I like both though!

Jumping into a pile of Leaves
9. Skinny jeans or leggings?
Skinny jeans. Leggings are mainly reserved for hanging out at home on the weekend. Plus, did you see the new study Harvard did where they confirmed that leggings are in fact, not pants. Hilarious.

10. Boots or Uggs?
Boots. I haven't been able to get on the Ugg train. Perhaps it's because I don't find them very practical in the snow so I would really only be able to wear them for a month or two. Can you tell I am a practical person? ha!
11. What is your #1 favorite thing about Fall?
I love the cooler temperatures and being able to wear boots and scarves. I know a lot of people don't like fall because it means winter is on it's way but there's something exciting about that to me!

sitting in sweaters, down throws and steaming cups of hot cocoa, looking at the trees and leaves, that wonderful smell of autumn in the air, nothing like it.
12. Do you have a song that gets you in the Fall mood or just a song you're loving at the moment?
This doesn't get me in the mood for fall but Zara Larsson has a REALLY good voice.

13. What is the Fall weather like where you currently live?
It's chilly. Crisp air. Windy. Usually around 0-5 degrees though some days can be upwards of 10. It's really all over the map and mornings are definitely chilly. Pants, jacket and scarves are a must!!!

I tag all of you!