Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday

Another week has come and gone. Dang! I cannot believe we are so close to 2014! As usual, you know the drill for Fridays. 

My Nexus 5 was supposed to arrive yesterday according to the UPS tracking. Only issue is that it said it was out for shipment in CONCORD. Readers who are not from Toronto, please note that Concord is about an hour away from Toronto. As of 9pm on Thursday, I still do not have it. WAHHH! It's a running joke with some people in my office now as they got theirs so quickly and with no issues. 
I ended up ordering the wireless charger on Thursday when it launched. No exaggeration, I ordered it 5 minutes after my co workers. Let's just say that theirs has already SHIPPED and there are no signs of life for mine.
I think Google Play hates me. 

I saw this ad earlier in the week and loved it. Who doesn't love a bunch of men doing thrusting motions in their boxers to Christmas music!? Haha. I can only imagine how many takes that had to do on this as a result of laughing!

I'm going to a Leafs game (NHL) on Saturday with 9 other coworkers. It's a rare treat to get to go to a Leafs game in Toronto as tickets are REALLY expensive and it's extremely difficult to get your hands on them. We're going to be in a box with all you can eat food and drinks. I cannot wait. 
For the record, I'm 4 out of 9 in my hockey fantasy pool at work. Not too shabby!


I'm loving this dress from the Gap, but can I please point out how difficult it is to find work dresses with ANY sort of sleeve? Last time I checked, I live in Canada and whether there is snow on the ground or not, it is freezing in office buildings. I wear cardigans/blazers 4 out of 5 days which is fine but I'm always on the hunt for a work dress with sleeves! 


Do you have a West Elm store near you? We have one of the only two stores in Canada in Toronto and I LOVE it. It's a bit pricer but their furniture/decor always goes on sale so you can typically find a great deal if you just have patience. I've purchased a few of my larger pieces from there over the past few years as an investment. I'll do a post on that one day. For now, I am lusting over all of their holiday decor!

Felt Snowflake Stocking
Felt Ball Wreath 
Feather Trees

Have a great weekend!


  1. I am right there with you on the sleeves on dresses thing for December!! Seriously, and when you find those sleeved dressed, they are for super skinny women and not "flared" out for people like me with hips. Come on clothing manufactures and help us girls out who like to wear dresses in the winter and not freeze to death! :) Just found out about West Elm from a friend (we have one in town) and am obsessed with the things they have in store!!! Happy Friday to you Sarah! :)

  2. We only have one West Elm and I never get out there but I love it, too. The game sounds like it will be an awesome experience. Have fun!

  3. For some reason, my last comment didn't post. :( Time to try again!

    I saw that video and I loved it! Apparently, there's a lot of controversy surrounding it. If it was the Victoria Secret "Angels" dancing around in their underwear, no one would say anything. But, when a bunch of good looking guys do it, it's inappropriate? I don't understand.

    You're going to have so much fun at the Leafs game!

  4. I also liked that Kmart commercial! Never heard of West Elm! Just read that there is a store in Montreal. I'll check it out next time I am in Montreal! Have fun at the game on Saturday!!!

  5. That ad is too funny!! I am with you on the dresses with sleeves, it is cold in the winter!! I don't have a West Elm close enough to go often but they have really cute stuff!

  6. I love west elm. I cannot afford it, but I love it! Sorry about your phone problems, I would be angrily yelling on the phone at some poor customer service rep.

  7. I was literally just wondering that the other day about dresses with sleeves! You'd think they'd make more of them!

  8. That's so exciting about the hockey game! Growing up my family would drive to Pittsburg to watch NHL games - such great memories!! I miss those days! You are going to have a BLAST in the BOX! So jealous ;)

  9. I am so glad you posted that Show Your Joe commercial. I kept hearing so much about it and hadn't seen it yet! Now I see what all the fuss is about! Hope you get your phone soon! I hate it when I'm expecting something in the mail and it takes longer than expected! I am so impatient!!

  10. I love browsing at West Elm! But I never buy because, well, you know! I do try to re-create some of their looks or try to DIY some of their accessories.

  11. i immediately knew those pic were west elm!!! love love love. all of it.
    and that joe boxer commercial...cracked up when i saw it. what's even better is that i am totally wearing joe boxer pjs right now. ordered them last week and showcased them on my friday 5 2 weeks in a row now. HA!

    hope your weekend is off to a great start!! xx

  12. Oh my goodness, amen to the lack of dresses with sleeves! It's the worst when you wear a dress in winter and can't even take your coat off to show it off because it's too dang freezing. And I LOVE that decor. I've never even heard of West Elm, but it looks amazing!

  13. Hi Sarah! I just came across your blog and I'm so happy that I found it. I see that you're from Canada. Are you living in Toronto?! My fiance is Canadian and plays for the Toronto Marlies, but we just got sent down to Orlando. I have been hoping to find more bloggers from Canada. I look forward to following along and getting to know you better!