Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Latest Purchase: The Warmest Winter Coat in the World

Friends, I made a big purchase. A really big purchase. I am not a fan of them because lets face it, I don't have money growing off trees, but this one excites me.

A few weeks ago, two coworkers were talking about their winter coats they have. One was a guy, another was a lady and both RAVED about them. They couldn't stop telling me how warm they were. I ended up trying on the ladies jacket and oh my word, it was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. Let me introduce you to the brand Nobis and this wonderful coat. Cue music. 

Merideth picture 
Hood/fur can come off completely.
Then they told me the price and I freaked. 

Over the past week or so I had been thinking more and more about it. I am a huge believer in warm coats and have had one that has lasted me 7 years. It was time for an upgrade. The one I have now, I thought was expensive at the time, and it has lasted me this long and held up so well.

I bit the bullet and BOUGHT IT. I am SO excited.It looks identical to the one I had previously but its 10x warmer. It plain black, won't go out of style and the fur and the hood comes off as well.
Part of the price of the coat is going to be my Christmas present from my Dad so it all worked out great. I also ended up getting 10% off.

FYI, the guy at work has this jacket and also love it for men. He takes the fur off.

Have you ever heard of the Nobis brand?


  1. OMG you aren't kidding! But where you live a warm coat is obviously a must! I just realized I got my cheapie peacoat at least six years ago and it's still fine, so I bet a coat like this will last you years and years. And, it's cute and not marshmallow-y!

  2. I haven't heard of that brand before but know how important a good warm coat is in the winter. It looks really slick and warm and it will hopefully last really long too making the price not as tough to swallow!

  3. I've never head of it but I definitely think warm, nice coats are a must in the winter! I have one from LLBean that I literally got in HIGH SCHOOL over 7 years ago and I still wear it to this day :-)

  4. I've never heard of it but I hope you love it enough that you don't return it!

  5. I've never heard of Nobis at all! I see the Canada Goose ones everywhere and just can't justify spending that kind of money on a winter coat that everyone has. But this one I could go for!

    Alex sent me over here since we're both Torontonians!

  6. YAY, you found one! :-) Looks fabulous!

  7. Great coat except it has animal fur on the hood.