Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday

You know the drill!
I hit 100 posts! DANG! I never ever thought I would have loved blogging and chatting with all you awesome ladies as much as I do! I am so thankful for everyone who reads along.  You have all made me laugh, inspired me and have made me feel so welcomed in this awesome community. 

Here's to 100 more.
♥ - perfect birthday date

Remember the coats I ordered from Banana Republic for 50% off? Remember when I said I was so madly in love with the cobalt wool coat? Ya, I ended up returning all of them.
The navy coat didn't fit at all, so that for sure went back and was an easy decision. I loved the cobalt coat. Loved. However, something just seemed off about it. It fit fine, it was great quality, a beautiful colour but I just didn't think I would get any wear out of it so I returned it. I'm still slightly traumatized but trying to move on. :)
Thank you for all your sweet comments on my post yesterday about holiday stress starting to kick in. It seems like many of you can relate.

On a semi related note, I asked Mr. C if we could get a Christmas tree this year and he laughed in my face. GAH. We don't have space for it at all and we are barely home around Christmas so I kind of see his point but how FUN would that be.  Maybe next year.

Christmas Tree- Love the rustic look!!!
Taking lunches. Call me crazy but I never ever take a lunch at work. I always bring my lunch and eat at my desk while continuing to work. I know this is bad and I just got into a routine of not going out for lunch. It is always insanely busy at work so sometimes it's easier to just stay.
This past week, I went out for lunch (even if I didn't EAT out) every single day, and oh my word, I feel like a new woman. It feels so great to get out of the office, away from your computer, and talk to people about non work related things. Life changing. I don't think I'll continue with doing it every single day, but I am going to start making a conscious effort to go out more often. 

13 New Ideas for Brown-Bag Lunches #thetexasfoodnetwork #recipes #chefshellp #food #TexasRecipes
I bought a new concealer from the drug store that you should go get your hands on stat if you need a new one. Revlon Colorstay Concealer. It's nice and creamy, covers spots well and is super cheap!

Revlon ColorStay Concealer 


  1. Yay for 100 posts! I'm surprised you returned all the coats! I thought you would have stuck to one for sure!

    I've lived in a 350 sq-foot-apartment. Andrew really wanted us to get a Christmas tree so we agreed on a small one. A really small one. So small, it sat on a side table. But, it was perfect for us. :)

  2. We were the same as Alex when we were in our apartment...we just had a tiny tree and it really made the place feel a bit more festive!! :) Congrats on 100 posts!!!!

  3. Happy 100th post! That is a bummer you had to return them all! What about just a small tabletop tree? Taking a mental break at lunch is so important, totally should do it more often!

  4. Aw yay, happy 100 posts! You'll be at 200 before you know it!

  5. Congrats on your 100th post!! And good to know about the concealer! I love their colorstay lipstick, so next time I'm in the market for concealer, I'll definitely give it a try. Too bad about the's the WORST when you have to send clothes back.

  6. Too bad those coats didn't work out! They're super cute!

  7. Happy 100 Posts! I am so sad about the coats. My husband sent me this at my office last year and I loved it - maybe you can find something like it? I kept it alive through the spring and even bought Easter egg ornaments for it and it doesn't require much work at all!

  8. I will have to try that concealer. Thanks for the tip! As for lunch, I have the same problem. Eating with other people and having normal conversations at lunch really can be a game changer though! Have a good weekend!!

  9. cheers to your 100th post! YAY! i think i'm bustin out the christmas decor this weekend...that pic pumps me up!!! xx

  10. Congrats on 100 posts! And I can't believe you don't get out for lunch. Even if I've eaten my lunch at my desk, I need my one hour "mental health" break. It's such a nice break from the office. A lot of people at my new job are like you though. So I'll just be the odd (new) person out!

  11. Congratulations on 100 posts! I can totally relate to eating at the desk and it is always nice to get out of the office for an hour.