Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Grocery Shopping Haul

Perhaps I am weird, but I love reading about what other people buy at the grocery store. I think it gives me some new food ideas and allows me to branch out of my normal purchasing behaviour. I have found over the years that I am a very brand loyal person. If I love my Cheerios, I will always buy Cheerios and very rarely deviate away from the norm. Sure, I spice things up every now and then and purchase different foods for new recipes, but for the most part I stick with my tried and true items. 
Now that Mr.C is home, my groceries have both doubled and diversified so I thought I'd share with you what it looks like for us. That said, we obviously already had some things on hand that we didn't need to purchase this particular week. I recall that we had quite a few fruits and veggies already on hand, so hence the lack of it in the below.
This photo is for one weeks of groceries. We always get bananas, bread, lettuce, cucumber and juice. We typically always purchase milk as well but we didn't need it this week. Cookies are always a rare item but we decided to treat ourselves. There's some red potatoes, pasta, soup and rice hidden in there as well. There was some salmon on sale so we decided to have that for a change (so good!) as well as some spinach dip. 
I think next time (if there is a next time) I do this, I should also share with you my weekly meal plan. It may help make this a more useful post haha!

It's really not all that exciting but I hope you get some ideas. Please please share with me what a grocery shop looks like for YOU!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Banana Shipment

After I saw that red Kate Spade coat at the outlets it had me thinking about that cobalt coat from Banana Republic that I was head over heels in love with a month or so ago. Although it was still pricey, it was a fraction of the price of the Kate Spade one. 

I rushed home from the outlets and immediately went to the Banana Republic website and was so happy to find out they were having a 40% off sale. It was meant to be! I went to go order it but their website wasn't working so I decided to call their customer service number (which by the way, is the BEST customer service ever. Every time I have called it, it has been nothing short of a really pleasant experience). They ended up sending me a 10% off coupon to use when the website started working again - in addition to the 40%! 50% off?! Yes please!

I ended up ordering 3 coats. My poor bank account. I am for sure returning two. I ordered the Cobalt Wool Coat in two different sizes and decided to try the Navy Double Breasted Coat as well.
Look at those discounts!

They are still both about $180.00 but I figure that since I've had my black peacoat from H&M for five years now and it was only $70.00 at the time, that I can justify purchasing another coat as it will last me.

Here's to hoping they fit! Which do you prefer?

In other news, I watched the entire first season of Game of Thrones on the weekend and am so addicted. I finally gave it a chance after telling every person I know that I wouldn't like it and yikes, it is SO GOOD.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Time Google Told Us it was a 30 Minute Drive..

Mr. C and I had a bit of an adventure on Saturday. We decided to check out the new Toronto Premium Outlets. It was pouring rain and freezing but we ventured out. I copied and paste the address from the official outlet website into google maps. 30 minutes away, easy directions. Done.

We had no issues making our way there. Only issue is that once we got to the intersection it was supposed to be at, according to google maps (for you locals, it was Highway 29 and Steeles), it was not there. At all. Just farmland for miles.  We stopped in a random gas station to ask (because I forgot my GPS and our phones suck), and he told us to keep heading down Steeles and we'll get to it. Awesome.

ONE FREAKIN HOUR passes. I can't even describe how wrong the address was. I think that it got messed up with the Steeles East versus Steeles West. If you enter it in google maps with no east or west it takes you to the right address. If you enter in what is on their website, you will be WAY off. Local friends going, DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE!

So frustrating. Poor Mr. C. I told him it was a quick 30-40 minute drive. Ha!

The Deals Compared to our Friends South of the Border

In short, they don't compare. That said, some outlets were significantly cheaper than it would be if you went to the real store (ie. Kate Spade, Adidas, J Crew) but the sales were still not as great as those in Buffalo. Considering it took 1.5 hours to get there, and takes about 2 hours to get to Buffalo, it seems to make more sense to just go to NY.

What I Didn't Like

What was also disappointing is the fact that the outlets are outside. I know this is normal for those in the states, because well, when you have nice weather year round, it's enjoyable to walk from store to store outside. WHY would they make this an outdoor mall in Halton Hills where they get SO much snow?
Parking was also horrid. I can't imagine what it will be like in the dead of winter around Christmas. 
As previously mentioned, the fact that their website is wrong with their address. 

What I Did Like

It's clean, modern, has great lounging areas.

Store selection is great and has a wide variety from home furnishings, mens attire, womens, childrens, sportswear, shoes.


I tried on this coat at Kate Spade and am SO GLAD it didn't fit because it was way out of my budget but come on, isn't this the most beautiful coat ever?
Kate Spade Suzette Bow Collar Coat
This was my one purchase I did make at J Crew and I am obsessed.

Factory colorblock elbow-patch sweater

Mr. C got some basic long sleeve crew shirts at J Crew as well.

Hope you're all having a great Monday!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday

I am still loving my new blog design so much. You know when you have a new piece of furniture or art print on your wall and every time you walk by it you feel so happy? That's how I feel about this now...except I don't really walk by it. Haha.

My condo finally switched from AC to heat this week. The AC was pumping in the hallways before and it was seeping into my unit. Freezing! Bring on the cold weather Toronto!
2e1b47a3c665f76dcffd938f60da4326.jpg (500×609)

We're in the midst of our annual 2 week long charity campaign at work. Myself along with my team have organized the entire campaign and I love doing it but man, that plus our normal jobs calls for some seriously long days. We are only on day 5 of 10 of the campaign and we have already hit our goal of raising $37,000.00! I wish I could say for what charity but it will give away where I work as it's our own charity! It really does make me feel so good knowing that I am helping others. Plus, games days, ice cream, bake sales, draws, wine swaps, jeans weeks, and more make for some fun days at work. We are actually having a yoga class at lunch today which I cannot wait for.

I am dragging Mr.C to the new outlets, Toronto Premium Outlets that opened up about 45 minutes from us. Sidenote, does anyone understand why they are called Toronto Outlets when it is clearly in Milton? Anyways, I cannot wait to score some deals. Hello J Crew, Restoration Hardware, Nike, Banana Republic, Gap, Kate Spade and more. I am actually mainly looking forward to seeing how the deals compared to the outlets across the border which I go to a few times a year. I am sure Mr. C is going to have a fun filled day!!!! :D

I was so happy to see baby George earlier this week during his Baptism. Kate was looking fabulous, as always, and little George is just precious.  Cutest little famjam.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be a fly on the wall in the room for a day with them and see what their everyday life is like. I am fascinated by the Royals. The end.

Royal Christening: Prince William, Kate and Prince George Pose for Official Portrait

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A-Z in Books

I saw this post going around last week and given I am mildly obsessed with reading, I knew I had to do it!
Author you've read the most books from.
I switch it up often so honestly am not sure. If I had to hazard a guess it would probably be Danielle Steel.

Best sequel ever.
Hunger Games. Yes, I am 15 years old.

Currently reading.
The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion and am loving it.

Drink of choice while reading.
You should all know this by now. Coke. Hands down.

E-reader or physical book?
I'm kind of creeped out ever since I read a story in the newspaper that there are large quantities of BED BUGS in the books at the Toronto libraries. Gross. I love my e-reader.

Fictional character you probably would have dated in high school.
Someone from Hunger Games. Remember? I'm 15.

Glad you gave this book a chance.
The Light Between Oceans - M.L Stedman. Had such a hard time getting into it but glad I stuck it out!

Hidden gem book.
We Are All Welcome Here - Elizabeth Berg

Important moment in your reading life.
When I was gifted with my Kobo. Life changing.

Just finished.
Big Girl Panties - Stephanie Evanovich. Good light read.

Kind of books you won't read.

Longest book you've read.
I actually have no idea.....

Major book hangover because of..
Still Alice - Lisa Genova

Number of bookcases you own.
One plus a large built in desk with a lot of shelves but they aren't all filled with books.

One book you have read multiple times.
The Help

Preferred place to read.
Bed...or better yet..on a beach.

Quote from a book you've read that inspires you.
"You is kind. You is smart. You is important."

Reading regret.
I can't get into the Harry Potter series and really wish I could.

Series you started and need to finish.
None at the moment

Three of your all time favourite books.
Gone Girl, Anne of Green Gables, The Memory Keepers Daughter

Unapologetic fangirl for..
Hunger Games!!

Very excited for this release.
I am Malala: The Girl who Stood Up for Education. It's not something I would typically pick up but this girl is so inspiring.

Worst book habit.
Putting too many books on hold at the library.

X Marks the Spot - the 27th book on the shelf
I don't have 27 books in a row!

Your latest book purchase.
I haven't bought a book in a while but I think it was The Help.

Zzz snatcher book(latest book that kept you up late).
Gone Girl!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pinterest Fail

My streak of having incredible success with dinner recipes from Pinterest and complete failures with baked goods continues.

I came across this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar recipe on Pinterest and was so excited. Now that Mr. C is home, I really need to pick up my baking game. I had an excuse when I lived by myself. I didn't bake because I didn't want to be eating 50 cookies or an entire cake by myself. Mr. C's mom is an amazing baker so I've got to follow in her footsteps haha. 

I had all the ingredients on hand for this recipe so gave it a whirl on Saturday night. It's pretty hard to mess up, so I know I didn't screw up. It also turned out looking exactly like the above photo but something is just really off with it. I don't find it tasty at all. It's too flour-y and does not taste like cookie dough at all. Such a disappointment.

Mid failed attempt.
I swear, I've tried a handful of recipes from Pinterest in the desert department and have been so disappointed each time. I think I'm just going to resort to using my mom's / grandmother's recipes for now. Tried and true. 

You win some, you loose some.

Have you tried any amazing desert recipes off Pinterest lately that you can GUARANTEE I'll like? ;)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


On Saturday, I went thriftin' with a friend to a few of our local stores. We had been last year where I scored a whole bunch of really good frames so I had high hopes for this adventure.

The main reason for going was to find a little jar or bowl of some sort to put all the loose change that Mr. C and I have collected. It was previously sitting in a zip lock bag in the hallway and let's be real here, that's not cute though I'm sure Mr. C would argue and say that it was actually quite functional and cheap....not happening.
Our first stop was Value Village just north of the city. It's one of the best Value Villages I've been to and is absolutely massive. Their home goods section is very extensive so you're bound to find a little gem. Before you find that gem, you will certainly find some very odd things...


I ended up scoring this little dish for my change for $2.00 a pop. Dang good deal. I was debating between this one and a glass one but ultimately went with the more pottery looking one so it hides the fact that there is a million dollars worth of change in it. 

Next, we walked east and went to a smaller Salvation Army. We didn't have any luck there but we did see the most perfect sofa.....

Chic looking sofa.

Our final two stops were a bit closer to the city. My friend found a really cute pair of Gap winter boots for her niece but sadly, there were a size too small. The best, and most random find of the day, were brand new, sparking , shiny SKATES. I had no intentions of looking for skates but the past few winters there have been a few times where I wish I had a cheap pair so I could go skating at Nathan Phillips Square or down at the Harbourfront. In the winter they even have DJ Skate Nights. How epic is that? When I realized that these beauts were only $10.00 they had me at hello.

Have you found any thrift store finds lately?

Monday, October 21, 2013

A New Look!

Big things are happening over here on the good old blog! Do you notice that the horrid basic template is gone and I have a MUCH more appealing design?

I told myself that I would only consider a redesign if I kept up blogging for a certain number of months. Well, my friends, I reached that goal and treated myself to this.

Enter Erin. Oh my goodness, she is the sweetest most patient girl out there (let's face it, I'm not very technical) and man is she creative. I tossed her a few colour ideas and I was floored when she sent it back to me. It was perfect.

Thanks again, Erin, for making this space a little more refreshing and pretty! Be sure to grab my new button! 

Grab button for Sweet Happenings

Check back tomorrow for my thrifting adventure!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday


I know you are all probably getting sick of me talking about Mr. C's return but I swear I still need to pinch myself some days at work to remind myself that we will see each other after work!!! Such a simple thing, but for 4 years we didn't have that. Coming home and eating dinner together is such a blessing.

❥ its the little things  

I still haven't purchased a new fall coat like I said I was going to approximately 2 months ago. I now have my eyes on a new winter coat...since, let's get's going to start snowing here in about a month. I really like a few of The North Face ones but they are so similar to what I already have. Any winter coat suggestions? I refuse to get a Canada Goose coat as they are a bit too popular for me at the moment (though they are nice and very warm)!

The North Face Arctic Parka


I am going out to a few thrift stores this weekend to find some hidden gems. I had such luck last time I went getting all my frames for my wall gallery (still need to post about that) so I am hoping I find some great deals!


I picked these Snapea Crisps up at the grocery store last weekend. Addicted. They are so tasty and much better than eating chips (however I still eat chips too haha).


I joined a Fantasy NHL league at work. Can I just say that I 100% understand the game of hockey and semi enjoy watching it but this is taking it to a WHOLE new level. Trading players, benching players, putting people on waivers..oh my! It's too much for my brain. Luckily, I have a few of the other guys in the league giving me some inside tips ha! I'm currently in the middle of the pack. Let's see how long this lasts.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Goodbye to Shaving Cream, Hello to the Best Product

Last year when I was in Ottawa I went to the National Women's Show. It's a huge convention for women about all things women love - food, products, home appliances, crafts. There are seminars, workshops and booths to check out. A really fun event to go to with some friends.

We were nearing the end of our day when I stumbled across a booth that caught my eye as it said it was a product that was featured on Dragon's Den. Dragon's Den is the Canadian equivalent of the US show Shark Tank. Entrepreneurials pitch their products and ideas infront of a panel venture capitalists. Love the show so clearly I had to stop and check out this product that was on the show.

Let me introduce you to the best product ever invented.

Remay Shower Time.

I know, it looks a bit cheesy and infomercial-ish and I hate all those scams BUT this is different. I promise as I don't rave about many products usually.

I don't know about you, but I hate how shaving cream is so messy. It gets everywhere and washes off if a splash of water gets on your leg before you have time to shave. This product solves all messiness and is PERFECT for travel since it's a solid. You simply wet, glide on the product and shave. It makes my legs feel more smooth than any other shaving cream I've ever tried.

It has the perfect vanilla scent and lasts forever. I've had mine over a year and I think it's only about 1/4 of the way done. I doubt I'll be going back to regular shaving cream anytime soon.

Funny story. Mr. C's shaving cream was in his boxes that were couriered (didn't take it on the plane with him) and so the first night he was here he asked me where my shaving cream was so he could use it for his face. I told him I don't use it anymore and the look on his face was process. I think he thought that I didn't shave my legs and was a hairy mammoth. No need to fear dear! I use this lovely product now! :)

To my US readers, I'm not sure if this product is sold in the states but the website has a list of where you can purchase it.

To Remay, please send me a shipment of your product for my stockpile. Thanks.

Happy shaving!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Great Cross Country Move & Thanksgiving Weekend

Hello Tuesday!

I'm back at work today after a wonderful long weekend welcoming Mr. C home, eating turkey and nursing a very bad head cold!

Friday evening I spent all day tidying up my place, organizing, deep cleaning and everything in between. I felt horrible but just tried to power on through as I knew no matter how crappy I felt on Saturday, I would be at the airport with the biggest smile in the world.

Saturday came in the blink of an eye and I was basically counting down the hours until I could head our with Mr. C's parents to pick him up at the airport. We made it there in record time and anxiously waited at the Canadian Arrivals section of Pearson. Sidenote, I could actually sit in an airport arrivals section all day and watch people being welcomed home.There is nothing sweeter than seeing people run through the gates towards their loved ones.

His flight was right on time and with about 3 suitcases, snowboard, golf clubs and 3 boxes he made it!!!!!!!!!! He was HOME!!!!!!!

We came back to my place (yes, Mr. C is living with me so I guess I need to start saying "our" place), ordered some quick pizza with his parents as we were all starving and they went on their way.

Sunday was filled with organizing and unpacking all of his belongings. Hot damn, he has a LOT of stuff and at this point, it was only about half of his belongings. He couriered the rest via Greyhound. Later that afternoon, we made our way out of the city to his parents house and had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner (though I could barely taste it due to my head cold). Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, squash, pumpkin and apple pie. Delicious and it was great to catch up with his family.

His mom made these gorgeous centerpieces where she got the idea off pinterest. Instead of the holly below, she added some colourful fall leaves. If you're looking for a centerpiece for an upcoming dinner, I highly recommend this idea!

Put holly and a candle in water for a lovely holiday decoration
Pumpkin Pie with Hazelnut Crust, gluten free thanksgiving recipe, thanksgiving dinner ideas, best thanksgiving side dishes
Monday (a holiday for us, yay!) we picked up the rest of his boxes at the Greyhound Courier place and began unpacking even more belongings. It's going to take some time to find a home for everything, but we will get there. For now, the hallway looks like this..

And my desk area currently looks like this..

The weekend flew by and now I'm back at work for another stressful week. Mr. C starts his new job today as well and fortunately, it's with the same company he has been with for the past 4 years - just a brand new city! Such a blessing.

This weekend really reminded me how much I have to be thankful for. I'm going into this week with a fresh, positive mind and once again, hoping I come out of my last majorly stressful week alive and rid of this cold!

Til next time, my sweet friends!