Tuesday, October 22, 2013


On Saturday, I went thriftin' with a friend to a few of our local stores. We had been last year where I scored a whole bunch of really good frames so I had high hopes for this adventure.

The main reason for going was to find a little jar or bowl of some sort to put all the loose change that Mr. C and I have collected. It was previously sitting in a zip lock bag in the hallway and let's be real here, that's not cute though I'm sure Mr. C would argue and say that it was actually quite functional and cheap....not happening.
Our first stop was Value Village just north of the city. It's one of the best Value Villages I've been to and is absolutely massive. Their home goods section is very extensive so you're bound to find a little gem. Before you find that gem, you will certainly find some very odd things...


I ended up scoring this little dish for my change for $2.00 a pop. Dang good deal. I was debating between this one and a glass one but ultimately went with the more pottery looking one so it hides the fact that there is a million dollars worth of change in it. 

Next, we walked east and went to a smaller Salvation Army. We didn't have any luck there but we did see the most perfect sofa.....

Chic looking sofa.

Our final two stops were a bit closer to the city. My friend found a really cute pair of Gap winter boots for her niece but sadly, there were a size too small. The best, and most random find of the day, were brand new, sparking , shiny SKATES. I had no intentions of looking for skates but the past few winters there have been a few times where I wish I had a cheap pair so I could go skating at Nathan Phillips Square or down at the Harbourfront. In the winter they even have DJ Skate Nights. How epic is that? When I realized that these beauts were only $10.00 they had me at hello.

Have you found any thrift store finds lately?


  1. Pennies!! I love how you have pennies in your change dish even though they don't "exist" anymore.

    That sign and those dolls - super creepy!!

    You're so lucky to get such nice skates! That's where I used to get skates from when I was a kid. I haven't gone skating in ages though!

  2. Umm wow those dolls are so creepy haha!! And that children on a leash sign! Glad you found some good stuff though!

  3. Those dolls are so creepy!! Love the dish you picked. That first place looked huge!! I almost never find stuff at the ones here, but they are good for a few random finds now and again.

  4. But really, how did you pass up that awesome couch? I'm sure the Mr. would have loved it afterall...

    There are some great resale stores by my office. I got a wool J Crew blazer for $10. I need to go back!

  5. Sometimes it's more fun to just take pictures of the crazy things you see while thrift shopping than it is to actually buy anything! I love the "children must be on leash" sign - that is hilarious!!

  6. LOVE going to thrift stores!! I actually found my desk that I use now at Goodwill and is PERFECT!!

  7. Wow awesome deal on beautiful ice skates! I love skating and even took lessons for a bit. I bet you can go all the time in the winter up there, right? :))

  8. I use to love thifting, haven't been since I had my son. Thinking I might need to make a day out of it.

  9. I swear that chic sofa was my aunts! lol As a child, I remember sitting on it and if I am not mistaking.... there is a bar incorporated in corner?? Memories!

  10. Thrifting is the best! Love your finds! I love going to Value Village in the fancy neighbourhoods, because people give away awesome clothes with the original tags still on them :-)