Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday


I know you are all probably getting sick of me talking about Mr. C's return but I swear I still need to pinch myself some days at work to remind myself that we will see each other after work!!! Such a simple thing, but for 4 years we didn't have that. Coming home and eating dinner together is such a blessing.

❥ its the little things  

I still haven't purchased a new fall coat like I said I was going to approximately 2 months ago. I now have my eyes on a new winter coat...since, let's get's going to start snowing here in about a month. I really like a few of The North Face ones but they are so similar to what I already have. Any winter coat suggestions? I refuse to get a Canada Goose coat as they are a bit too popular for me at the moment (though they are nice and very warm)!

The North Face Arctic Parka


I am going out to a few thrift stores this weekend to find some hidden gems. I had such luck last time I went getting all my frames for my wall gallery (still need to post about that) so I am hoping I find some great deals!


I picked these Snapea Crisps up at the grocery store last weekend. Addicted. They are so tasty and much better than eating chips (however I still eat chips too haha).


I joined a Fantasy NHL league at work. Can I just say that I 100% understand the game of hockey and semi enjoy watching it but this is taking it to a WHOLE new level. Trading players, benching players, putting people on waivers..oh my! It's too much for my brain. Luckily, I have a few of the other guys in the league giving me some inside tips ha! I'm currently in the middle of the pack. Let's see how long this lasts.


  1. There is never any tiring of hearing you talk about how excited you are that your love is home! It really is something to be excited about!

    I got my winter jacket at Aritzia and honestly, I love it!

    I keep seeing Snapea's at the grocery store and I've been wanting to try them. I'm glad you said they're good!

  2. You wanted a long time for him to come home so your excitement is totally expected. Love the jacket and looks warm. Those Snapea Crisps are so amazingly good!!

  3. Ooo... I really like that parka! You should totally get it. And, yes, you have every right to be excited that Mr C is coming home!!! :-)

  4. I found you through the linkup and love the post! Those crisps look great; I'll have to give them a try.

  5. Me and the Mr. love going thrift store shopping. It's always fun looking through everything they have to find hidden treasures! Hope you find something good!

  6. hey hey! cute north face. i love their products. i got my little bear a pink fleece from there (on sale, thank god.) love it! found you via linkup. linkup love! bloglovin' follower. :)

    check it yo -


  7. I bought my North Face winter coat a couple of winters ago and probably paid way to much for it but it keeps me nice and warm for our cold winters!

  8. Write about his return as much as you want - four years is a long time!

  9. Stoping on buy from the link up (thanks again for the kind comment you left on my post). I am currently in a fantasy football league and love it (even though my star players have been injured or not performing up to snuff). I love hockey as we'll, although am in no fantasy league. Best of luck, may you Winn all of your match ups!

  10. Lovin the new look! What thrift shops do you usually hit up? Any good ones downtown? I love goodwil on Wednesdays because their housewares are always 50% off!

  11. I feel like I'm a sham because I'm a Canadian who doesn't watch Hockey!!! I have a North Face and love it. It's 4 years old and still kicking. I'm not going to pretend I don't love the red Canada Goose Bombers though. Just a bit (and by bit I mean a lot) out of my price range!

  12. Is it me or does it look a little different around here? I love the new look!!! I've been a slacker blogger friend and hadn't seen it yet. :) Very cool!

    Oh, how I love a winter coat. And a warm one at that. Last year, I stumbled upon this beautiful tan one from Express. I will sport it this year again.

    And I'm so glad for the little things! :)

    Hope you have a great week!

  13. I can't imagine fantasy hockey - I mean, football is one thing because it's only once a week but hockey is all the time, right? Sorry I can't help you with the coat. I need one for a few days in NY this winter that I won't suffer heat stroke in in Houston and I have no idea what to get. Hope you had great success thrifting!