Friday, October 11, 2013

Five on Friday


I'm picking up Mr. C at the airport TOMORROW. Ladies, I can't even believe I am saying that. 4 years of long distance is only ONE DAY AWAY!!!! Check out my post from earlier this week if you have no clue what I'm talking about. All I know is that I have some serious cleaning, organizing and preparing to do tonight!!

Welcome home banner made by yours truly! :)


It's Thanksgiving Weekend!!! Yes, in Canada our Thanksgiving is in October. I can't wait to have the long weekend to spend with Mr. C, relax, and eat some yummy turkey! I still haven't been feeling well (at all) so I'm hoping a low key weekend will do just the trick! I'm a tiny bit sad I won't be able to spend it with my family, but I just saw them last weekend.  :)

May all my fellow Canadians have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving with friends and family.

Same concept, but tied around a flax linen napkin instead of a napkin ring.  And tied into the centerpiece... somehow...



Work is STRESSFUL. I'm thinking that's part of the reason I'm not feeling so well. The next few weeks are just plain crazy and I don't see any end in sight. Ahhhhhh.


Not very exciting to some, but exciting for me. I switched my condo home insurance this week and ended up saving a ton of money with even better coverage. Today is the one day I don't have coverage (I screwed up with the transition) and I am freakin' PRAYING my condo doesn't flood. Ha!

Force-Placed Insurance | - High cost home insurance policies under the microscope 

I have my new blog design coming soon and I am so excited to get rid of this boring and lame background. Woohoo!! If only I had this beauty little office area to blog from.

REORGANIZE | I like switching up my office decor every few months to keep things interesting and fun! It keeps me inspired every time I sit down to work.


  1. Hope you have a very relaxing and Mr. C snuggled filled Thanksgiving weekend! That should cure what ails you! Hope work gets a little less stressful, I know how that can be. Look forward to the new blog design.

  2. I'm so excited for you and Mr. C! You must be over the moon. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  3. New design too? Awesome!!!
    And have a great long weekend with lots of turkey involved!

  4. Yayyy for Mr. C coming home! This so, so exciting! Even better timing that he comes during the long weekend so you'll have some extra time to spend together! Have an amazing weekend!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. That banner is so cute! And I'm excited to see your new blog design. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  6. Can't wait to see the new design! Have a good weekend with the boy :)

  7. LOVE the welcome home bunting AND the be present print....YES!!!

    happy weekend, girlie!!!

  8. AHHHH! Can't wait to hear how your weekend went with the holiday and Mr. C coming home!! And that little office space is to die for. Enjoy your weekend, honey!

  9. Oh, how I am hoping your reuniting today was absolutely perfect! And that your holiday is relaxing and enjoyable. Hope you feel better too... :)

  10. Yay! Hope you guys have an amazing long weekend together! Happy Thanksgiving to you (wow, that feels weird!)!

  11. yay for picking him up at the airport over the weekend! it is over over over!! and just in time for thanksgiving. ok random weird question do you eat the same things as americans do?

  12. Congratulations on being united! I am in a distance relationship now, it's not too bad, we're only a 3.5 hour drive apart, but it's so different when you're use to living together - not to mention we'll probably end up going even farther apart before we get to be together again. It is nice to hear about distance relationships that had happy endings :)


  13. I love the banner in the first photo! And the silverware ties are just so cute and festive!

  14. How absolutely wonderful that Mr. C is finally going to be home. I'm sure that saying you're excited doesn't even cut it!