Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Midweek Randoms

Happy Midweek!

  • I did two Link Ups in a row, ha. If you haven't checked out the Summer Salad Swap over at The Larson Lingo, do it. So many great recipes!
  • It's dropped to the low 20s here and although it's a nice change from the 40+ degree weather we were having a few weeks ago, I miss the warmth!
  • I bought an infinity scarf on the weekend from the Gap for $5.00. I swear it was priced wrong as every other scarf was over $25.00 - even identical ones. It's neon green which is really not my colour but for $5.00, yes please.

Via Gap
  • Can anyone recommend a decent hotel to stay in San Fran that doesn't cost like 600$ a night? All the travel sites (TravelZoo, hotel (dot) com etc) are way expensive too. Mr. C and I really want to go but we can't justify spending that kind of money on a hotel.
  • Dish soap. Let's talk dish soap. Do you buy the same one over and over again or do you buy whatever is on sale? I always buy whatever is on sale and a few weeks ago that happened to be the Sunlight Grapefruit Hand Renewal. It smells so good and actually works a LOT better than some of the other dish soaps I have used (even other Sunlight ones). Highly recommend this product!  
  • I wish World Market shipped to Canada. All of their home decor pieces are so unique and fairly reasonably priced. Currently loving:

Cute-as-a-Button Erin Chair
Cute as a Button Erin Chair

Lace Mugs, Set of 4
Lace Mugs

  • How is it August tomorrow?!?!!?!
Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Salad Swap - Carrot Salad!

 I am so excited to be linking up with Mel over at The Larson Lingo today for her annual Summer Salad Swap. Last year I got a lot great ideas for yummy salads and so am I looking forward to getting some new ones this year.

I am sharing with you a Carrot Salad that I grew up with and is my Mom's recipe. I actually think it originated with my grandmother so it's been passed down. To be honest, the ingrediants make it sound a little iffy but it is DELICIOUS!

12-16 Carrots. Clean and coin or shred and cook until tender. Drain.
Chop finely 1 green pepper and 1 large onion.

Mix together:
1 can tomato soup
1 cup white sugar
1/3 cup Crisco oil
2/3 cup vinegar
1 tsp dried mustard
Salt & Pepper

Mix vegetables in sauce and refrigerate 1-2 hours before serving. I also like to add a few raisins!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Meal Plan for the Week

I really need to start getting into a better habit of planning my meals out for the week. Since I live by myself, it's so easy to not eat as well or prepare something that really doesn't make for a complete dinner. I find in the fall and winter I am typically good with meal planning and I love trying new recipes. The last thing I want to be doing in the summer is working away in the kitchen so I normally stick to easy and fresh recipes.

I thought I'd share what a plan to have for dinners this week. For breakfasts and lunches I am fine. I pack my lunch for work 99% of the time and I always eat breakfast at home.

Monday - Pork Chops, Zuchinni and Scalloped Potatoes (Mom's Recipe - will share later). I am actually making this on Sunday night so it will be leftovers for Monday dinner.

Pasta Alla Checca with garlic bread

Tilapia, Rice and a green smoothie (lazy way to get my veggies in. I may actually be going out for dinner with a friend so we'll see.

Quick dinner so it will just be something I have in the freezer. Likely a Beef Pot Pie (not healthy for you, but delicious).

I will be in Mont Tremblant and I hope my dad grills up some yummy food!

What are you making?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on FRIDAY!



I bought this new Clear Complexions Foaming Face Cleanser by Aveeno and am really enjoying it. I'm not one to change up my skin routine or try new face products all that much for fear that they will mess up with my skin, but this is really gentle. I highly recommend it!


I need my haircut..badly. I have been debating going to a new salon. My current is ok but I am never compeltely satisfied with the end result. I don't get anything drastic done nor do I colour my hair at all, so really it should be easier to achieve a more satisfied haircut! I've been debating for weeks and just need to decide what I want to do otherwise my hair is going to be down to my ankles ha! Does anyone else ever have the great salon debate?!


I have been making green smoothies/juices. It's such a quick, refreshing and easy way to get some nutrients in you. I will share with you some "recipes" later (I basically just pick up a whole bunch of green stuff at the grocery store and shove it in the blender haha) ! If you have any actual recipes you like, please share with me!



In the condo across the street from me there is a resident that has a hammock on their balcony about 30 stories up. The balaconies aren't very big and the hammock takes up about 90% of it.  It makes me nauseous just looking at it! I'm pretty sure there is a rule against things like that! Crazy people!


The Market Peach candle from Bath & Body Works smells so good. I'm more into candles in the fall and winter months but this peach one is such a nice scent for the summertime!                          

                              Market Peach 6 oz. Mason Jar Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works
 Cheers to the weekend!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Laser Eye Surgery Experience - Part 2

In Part 1, we left off where I had just booked my big day!

From the time I booked the appointment to the the time my "surgery" date was, was about 2 months. I freaked the heck out for 2 months wondering why on earth I was going to let Dr. Wallerstein mess with my eyes. I also have a bad habit of you tubing pending medical procedures (ie. wisdom teeth, removal of cysts - you name it, I google it). Bad news. Never ever google laser eye surgery. Ever.

The date of my "surgery" arrives and my dad comes from out of town to help me out since, you know, he is all experienced. Cue NERVES. When I arrived the lovely nurse (I don't think it was a nurse, but we will just call her that) asked if I wanted to take a pill for anxiety and I declined. I had read that some patients actually thought that this made them feel ill afterwards, so I decided to pass and was thankful I did in the end!

My name was called and I suited up and went back to the room where I met Dr. Wallerstein. I was instructed to lay down on a table and they gave me a stress ball to play with, which, at the time I was thinking that it was a stupid idea, but later realized how much it helped me.

My friends, if you are considering laser eye surgery, please take this one piece of info away - IT WAS EASIER THAN GOING TO THE DENTIST.

He put eyedrops in my eyes which froze my eyes. Didn't hurt one bit and couldn't even tell you my eyeballs were frozen. I could still see and nothing was out of the ordinary. I'm not going to go into details as I don't know all the medical things he was doing but throughout the procedure, all I had to do was stare at a blinking light. I couldn't feel a thing and it actually felt like I was just laying down hanging out. They walk me through the process and continued to tell me how we were almost done. Everyone kept telling me how amazing I was doing and as lame as that sounds, it really helped.

The actual procedure took about 3-5 minutes per eye. That's it. I was done. I sat up from the table and although my vision was blurry, I could freakin' see (20 minutes ago I could not see well without my glasses)!!!!! I had to sit in a little waiting room area with my special sexy sunglasses for about an hour. In this hour, my eyes were watering quite a bit and there was some discomfort but nothing painful.

Funny story - the waiting room where patients wait after the procedure is also the same room where patients wait for their consultation. I was sitting there with my eyes watering and my special, sexy glasses on and I hear this voice say "Did you just get it done?"  I couldn't see whether this person was talking to me (since my eyes were watering) so I responded with "Are you talking to me?" Turns out this was a guy waiting for his consultation and after seeing me looking like I was in a state of misery, he said "Oh man, I don't know if I should do this now." HA! I reassured him that I was in no pain. I hope I didn't freak him out.

My dad took me home about an hour later where I camped out for the next 2 days with my special sunglasses on.

Recovery was next to nothing. I basically hung out at home for 2 days trying to avoid the computer and tv to let my eyes heal. It was really non eventful and more just boring. At my 24 hour check up, I had 20/20 vision - WOOT.

After day 3, it was the weekend and I was back to normal life. I went back to work on the Monday and life went on as usual. I experienced some dryness of the eyes for a few months which is normal but was easily remedied by over the counter eye drops.

I continue to have 20/20 vision and would do it again in a heart beat. I always say that I would seriously pay twice the cost of what I paid. It is life changing. Going out and not having to think about my contacts drying out, going wonky, falling asleep with them in, glasses fogging up etc is so amazing.

I speak so so highly of the procedure and although it isn't for everyone, I really do recommend looking into it!

Long gone are the days of glasses and contacts. I now have a lifetime warranty on my eyes (seriously), haha.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away. I love talking about my experience!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Midweek Randoms

It's Wednesday. You know what that means..Midweek Randoms!


  • As mentioned in an earlier post, I was quite excited for the arrival of the new Prince! I found myself on the weekend watching a live feed of the hospital..which is so lame. I am even embarrassed to admit that I did that, ha! Kate looked absolutely stunning when they made their "debut" and baby looked just like any other baby ;) I think they are adorable and I love that they are trying to keep every ounce of normalcy that they can in their lives (William driving them home, putting in the car seat etc).
The Prince of Cambridge: Here's the First Look!| Babies, London, The British Royals, The Royals, Royal Baby, Kate Middleton, Prince William
Taken from
  •  I had a fly in my condo for 3 days that I couldn't get rid of. I'd open up my balcony door to let it fly out and tried swatting at it a bunch of times with no such luck. I resorted on Friday night to putting my game face on. I actually put on gym shorts, turned off the tv for concentration and hunted the stupid fly down for about 30 minutes. Finally got it and it was an amazing feeling!!!
  • My coworker just booked a trip to Hawaii and I am very jealous. Dream destination. One day!
  • One of my friends just had an allergy test done and basically found out she's allergy to 50 million things. It makes me wonder if I should get one down but I am scared that I will then be cut off from certain foods I enjoy (ie dairy). Maybe I'll put it in my 5 year to do list! :P 
  • A friend reminded me that Christmas is in 5 months. Yes, I have now begun the hunt for a Christmas gift for Mr. C. He is so hard to shop for!!!!
  • My dad is so exited to see me in less than 2 weeks. It's precious. Every day he will send me an email or text saying that he is looking forward to seeing me. I am thankful for such a loving father. Despite only seeing him once every few months (given we live in different cities), we still talk mostly every day. 

  • Anyone that knows me knows that I have a special spot for the elderly. I saw this on the news and had to share. A 102 year old woman is still volunteering at a local hospital in a knitting club and has been doing so since 1984. She even plays on her computer to keep her mind active. Incredible and so inspiring!

What's happening on your end?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jute Rugs

For the past little while, I have been eyeing jute rugs. I love the natural look to them but worry that I wouldn't like the less coziness feel given they are natural. The worst thing is being on rough carpet in
 bare feet! However, I hear they stand well over time and are quite durable/easy to clean.

I'm not in the hunt for a new rug, but I feel like if I were to get another down the road it would be a jute! Here are some that I enjoy:

I saw this Merida Bengal Bora Bora Volcano Rug on another blog (sorry, can't recall where!) and fell in love with it. I love how it has a border and looks a litlte more plush than the typical jute rugs.
Adamas Jute Rug via West Elm
View in Room
Chunky Wool and Natural Jute Rug via Pottery Barn

Braided Jute Rug via Pier 1 Imports

Do you have a jute rug? How do you like it?

Monday, July 22, 2013

These Shoes Were Made for Walkin'

Good morning friends!

For the past few years, I have been all about shoes that are cute AND comfortable. Long gone are the days where I can wear cheapy flats, flipflops or heels. I gravitate towards shoes and sandels that not only are fashionable but that I can wear for long periods of time without destroying my feet.

I bought a few new pairs of shoes this summer that have been my go to shoes when I'm not in the office.

First off, my Dunbar Racer Clarks Loafers that remind me a lot of the oh so popular Sperry's. You would never ever know that these were Clark shoes. They are cute, comfy and you can pair them with jeans, shorts and capris. They are in a fun gold metallic colour which is just subtle enough to not be too overpowering. I believe they also come in navy, black and mustard yellow.

I have also been loving a pair of Nautralizer flats that I got at Winners. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the specific shoe but I do know that they are adorable with the bow and detailed cutout along the sides.


Lastly, I got a pair of Franco Sarto wedges that are very versatile. The brutal picture below (apologies) doesn't pick up the colour all that well. They are light green/beige, with a peep toe and adjustable strap at the back.

Have you purchased any casual, comfortable shoes lately? Similar to my shorts theory in that our summer season doesn't last long, I don't typically have too many summer shoes but I thought these were fun pieces that will last a few years!

Show me your favourite summer shoes!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday

It's Friday and I am linking up for 5 on Friday with some wonderful ladies!


1. Can anyone recommend a good hardwood floor cleaner? I feel like I've tried a variety of products and they have either smelled really bad to the point where I get a headache from it or they are ineffective. I tried Bona Hardwood Cleaner and had high expectations but could not stand the smell.

2. Please keep Owen and his family in your thoughts. I have been following their blog for a while now and Owen just got a new heart after being on the transplant list for some time! They are the sweetest family ever.

3. Work is insanely busy. I was out of the office for 2 days this week and came back yesterday to a LOT of work. For those wondering, I work in Human Resources and love it.

4. The Calgary Stampede ended last weekend. If you haven't been, you need to go at some point in your life (even if you're not Canadian). It is so fun and the whole city comes alive. Here are some pics from a few years ago. So much fun!!!!!

5.  I ordered a Style at Home subscription for a year off Groupon for $5.00! Woohoo! The only thing is I didn't realize it was going to be the Canadian version, which I guess is good for me.

 Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mexican Fiesta Rice {Recipe}

This has become a huge staple at home and I feel a bit silly for even posting it because it is so easy.  You're going to start to see a trend with my recipes - I'm all about easy! Who isn't?!

Mr. C and I discovered it on the back of an Uncle Ben's Rice Box a few years back and we now refer to it as "Special Rice." It's easy to make and is great for lunches and dinners the following days. It isn't as good as REAL mexican food, but is a good substitute when you don't have much time on your hands.


I don't really measure anything and more just guess based on how much leftovers I want.

Ground Beef
Canned Corn
Red Kidney Beans
Salsa (I use mild or whatever I have on hand)
Cheddar Cheese

Brown the ground beef in a pan. Toss in the canned corn and kidney beans to warm them up. Add salsa. Mix all together and serve with grated cheddar cheese on top. YUM!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Midweek Randoms

Linking up again with Megan on this fine Wednesday!
  • For the past 2 days I have been taking a First Aid course as a result of work. I took swimming lessons growing up and have taken First Aid courses before so it's not all new to me, but definitely a good refresher. Random fact I learned - did you know the word vomit is actually a verb and the stuff that actually comes out of your mouth (the noun) is called vomitus. Who knew? Not me!
  • It's hot here. I know if there are people from down south reading this, they are probably laughing at my Canadian antics but it's been 40+ all week long. I LOVE the heat, but this is excessive. It cools off in the evenings so it's nice to enjoy on my balcony.
  • I've noticed the strangest nasty smell in my condo the past few days. It's only in one specific area. I'm a fairly clean person so it's nothing that I can see. It almost seems like it's coming from a vent. I called the super and he apparently came today to investigate and he didn't smell anything! So frustrating! I swear it's a dead animal that's been living in my vent because a few months ago I swear there was an animal in my vent (super confirmed that's not possible ha! He probably think I am crazy). By the way, I live in a fairly new building so I can't blame it on the age of this condo!
  • Mr. C received some great news at work today (no sadly, it wasn't news that he is coming back here just yet). I am so proud of him!!
  • My contract is up with my cell phone and I think I'm also going to upgrade my phone but can't decide between the Samsung S4 or Blackberry Q10. I currently have the Blackberry Bold and have never owned anything Samsung. Thoughts?


Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Online Shopping Addiction - Recent Purchases

My friend introduced me to online shopping a few months ago. I mean, I knew it existed but I swear I had only ordered one thing online prior to this and it wasn't clothing. Gasp. I am now hooked - especially with the Gap and Old Navy because a) I get emails from them daily with sales b) how easy their return policy is and c) how you never have to battle crowds/search for sizes!

I ruined a white tshirt of mine a few weeks ago so I jumped at the opportunity when the Gap was having a 30% off sale to order another. Somehow, I ended up with like 10 shirts - 4 of which were black and two were IDENTICAL- same colour, same size. I need some help.

I returned a whole bunch but I thought I'd show you what I kept!

Essential short sleeve V-Neck T in navy and white. These are amazing and so versatile. Wear them with jeans, shorts, tuck them into a skirt. You can never have too many basics.

Via Gap
I love love Gap's Legging Skimmer Jean and have them in white. I purchased a pair in olive thinking it would be great for the fall. Plus, they were on sale for $17 - originally $80!                                
Via Gap

I picked up a few basic camis and tanks from Old Navy, including the below which I love. I got it for $6.00 and I see that it on sale for $2.99 now. I thought it was a good deal originally but $2.99? Hot damn! ha!

Via Old Navy
I bought this top a while back but I absolutely love it so I wanted to also share. It's not something I would normally buy as I am not really into a lot of graphics but I think this is too cute paired with a blazer.

Via Gap
I'm officially done shopping for the summer. Bring on the fall!

Do you do a lot of online shopping?

Monday, July 15, 2013

My Laser Eye Surgery Experience - Part 1

Good morning!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The weather this weekend was gorgeous. I love summer!

In my previous post, I mentioned that last week marked 2 years since I have been glasses and contacts free! I have had an incredibly awesome experience with laser eye surgery so wanted to share it with you all in the hopes that this will help someone who is trying to decide whether you should go through it or not (you should!).

Let's back up. Way back. I don't even remember what year I got glasses. I believe it was grade 9. Prior to grade 9 I have no memory of having bad eye sight but something tells me I must have had bad eyes. When I first got my glasses, it was life changing. I had no idea the world was that clear. Scary. I think shortly thereafter I started using contact lenses as I was playing a lot of sports and it was just more convenient all around.

Highschool came and went and I continued to need glasses or contacts to function in life. It wasn't a huge inconvenience to me then as I would just go to school, do some extracurriculars/work then come home and take contacts out and put glasses on for the night. Fairly simple and I don't recall having many issues.

University came and went. I think it was at this point where I started to realize how much of an annoyance both contacts and glasses were. I'd be on campus for long periods and would stay up late at night. I would always need to make sure I had spare contact solutions or glasses on me "just in case." Driving and travelling with glasses or contacts was the worst. In any case, I managed and life continued.

Old photo with me and my specs
About 4 years ago, my dad randomly and on a complete whim decided to get laser eye surgery. I swear he called me one day and just said "Sarah, I am getting laser eye surgery next week." WHAT?! My dad is 60+ and this was completely out of character for him. I was a little skeptical of it all but knew why he wanted to do it. He enjoys traveling, golfing and biking (let's not talk about how my dad is more physically fit than I am), and those are all things that make glasses/contacts extra annoying. He got it done, called me within an hour and told me he could still see - phew. His "recovery" was basically non existent and he was back to every day life within 2 days. I was amazed.

It was a few months after he got his done that I started to think to myself that maybe, just maybe, I should look into this. I had started working full time and could financially afford it and my dad had now served as the guinea pig.

After researching a few places in Toronto, I decided to get a consultation with Lasik MD. I can't recall why I selected may have actually been the fact that they had evening appointments for consultations HA. I mean, let's base the future of my eyeballs and eyesight on whether they have freakin evening appointments or not. Sweet move.

I went to my consultation, did a bunch of eye tests and they said I was a candidate. I still wasn't really sold on the whole thing and thought about it for a few months. I talked to friends and family. At a certain point I think they were all sick of my indecisiveness that they just kept telling me to do it.

Then, a moment occurred. I came home from work one day and on the floor of my mail room in my condo building was a coupon for 400$ off laser eye surgery at Lasik MD. IT WAS MEANT TO BE. I quickly snatched it up. This makes no sense as to why this was the moment I decided to get it as it's not like it was the cost that was holding me back, but I think I just used this as a "it's go time" moment.

I called them that night to book the big day. The only appointment they had available with the surgeon I wanted was the day before the coupon expired. Another sign it was meant to be. Success! I'm not sure if all laser eye clinics are like this, but at Lasik MD, they provide you with bios of all the surgeons and you can select which one you want. I, of course, decided to go with the founder who has the most years of experience and is also the one you see on all the commercials :) Dr. Wallerstein!
Dr Wallerstein - 2nd from right
Now, all I had to do was wait for the big day!                                
Stay tuned for Part 2!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday

I am linking up with some fabulous ladies for Five on Friday for the first time!

                                                  THE GOOD LIFE BLOG

I have never felt older in my life than walking home from work the other night and having to pass through the ACC (our main venue for sporting events/concerts), before the start of a One Direction concert. My GOODNESS - so many teens with the shortest shorts possible. I felt old.

Did you ever go to a concert as a teen? I never did. I think my first real concert was 2nd year of university ha!

One D - as all the teens call them


Raspberry Tea - made as iced tea. I am loving this as a night time refreshing drink. Yes, I drink my iced tea out of a Christmas mug. Keepin the spirit alive...

It's been 2 years since I have had lasik eye surgery and am now glasses/contacts free. My friend always jokes that I should be a spokeswoman for the company I did it at because I talk about how amazing it's been like every week. If you have glasses, go get lasik surgery. It is easier than going to the dentist (seriously). It deserves a whole post which will come at some point.


I booked my plane tickets to Ottawa for the August long weekend. We're actually going to Mont Tremblant and I am very excited to see my family and have some rest and relaxation.



I am really enjoying this song at the moment: Gabrielle Aplin - Please Don't Say You Love Me.                         

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Midweek Randoms!

 The weeks just fly by. I love linking up with Megan and sharing some randomness with you each Wednesday.

  • We had a massive rain storm on Monday night. Cars were literally floating down the highways.
Via The Weather Channel

Via City News

  • Many people lost power and were stranded on their way home from work. The commuters in the above picture had to be rescued by the marines unit! Luckily, I had a doctors appointment after work, so I was home before the storm rolled in. I'm also in a condo so power rarely goes out. Winning!!
  • At said doctor's appointment I found out I have to have a minor procedure in August that I am slightly freaking out about. I am such a worrier.
  • Mr C. and I are planning a fall vacation. This is extremely exciting since the last time I saw him was April. Tear. We're still trying to figure out where to go - ideas welcome!! 
  •  I am loving this anchor mat from West Elm and wish I had space for it. 


  •  Is anyone else weirdly excited for the arrival of Kate Middleton's baby? I am by no means someone who watches the Royals every step, but find myself oddly excited about her pending birth. 
  • I bought a shampoo from Lush months ago and am really loving it. It's the I love Juicy shampoo. Smells delicious and find that it really deep cleans my hair. I don't use it everyday as I consider it more of a clarifying shampoo so I typically alternate between this and another random drugstore shampoo.
             We're halfway through the week!!