Monday, July 15, 2013

My Laser Eye Surgery Experience - Part 1

Good morning!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The weather this weekend was gorgeous. I love summer!

In my previous post, I mentioned that last week marked 2 years since I have been glasses and contacts free! I have had an incredibly awesome experience with laser eye surgery so wanted to share it with you all in the hopes that this will help someone who is trying to decide whether you should go through it or not (you should!).

Let's back up. Way back. I don't even remember what year I got glasses. I believe it was grade 9. Prior to grade 9 I have no memory of having bad eye sight but something tells me I must have had bad eyes. When I first got my glasses, it was life changing. I had no idea the world was that clear. Scary. I think shortly thereafter I started using contact lenses as I was playing a lot of sports and it was just more convenient all around.

Highschool came and went and I continued to need glasses or contacts to function in life. It wasn't a huge inconvenience to me then as I would just go to school, do some extracurriculars/work then come home and take contacts out and put glasses on for the night. Fairly simple and I don't recall having many issues.

University came and went. I think it was at this point where I started to realize how much of an annoyance both contacts and glasses were. I'd be on campus for long periods and would stay up late at night. I would always need to make sure I had spare contact solutions or glasses on me "just in case." Driving and travelling with glasses or contacts was the worst. In any case, I managed and life continued.

Old photo with me and my specs
About 4 years ago, my dad randomly and on a complete whim decided to get laser eye surgery. I swear he called me one day and just said "Sarah, I am getting laser eye surgery next week." WHAT?! My dad is 60+ and this was completely out of character for him. I was a little skeptical of it all but knew why he wanted to do it. He enjoys traveling, golfing and biking (let's not talk about how my dad is more physically fit than I am), and those are all things that make glasses/contacts extra annoying. He got it done, called me within an hour and told me he could still see - phew. His "recovery" was basically non existent and he was back to every day life within 2 days. I was amazed.

It was a few months after he got his done that I started to think to myself that maybe, just maybe, I should look into this. I had started working full time and could financially afford it and my dad had now served as the guinea pig.

After researching a few places in Toronto, I decided to get a consultation with Lasik MD. I can't recall why I selected may have actually been the fact that they had evening appointments for consultations HA. I mean, let's base the future of my eyeballs and eyesight on whether they have freakin evening appointments or not. Sweet move.

I went to my consultation, did a bunch of eye tests and they said I was a candidate. I still wasn't really sold on the whole thing and thought about it for a few months. I talked to friends and family. At a certain point I think they were all sick of my indecisiveness that they just kept telling me to do it.

Then, a moment occurred. I came home from work one day and on the floor of my mail room in my condo building was a coupon for 400$ off laser eye surgery at Lasik MD. IT WAS MEANT TO BE. I quickly snatched it up. This makes no sense as to why this was the moment I decided to get it as it's not like it was the cost that was holding me back, but I think I just used this as a "it's go time" moment.

I called them that night to book the big day. The only appointment they had available with the surgeon I wanted was the day before the coupon expired. Another sign it was meant to be. Success! I'm not sure if all laser eye clinics are like this, but at Lasik MD, they provide you with bios of all the surgeons and you can select which one you want. I, of course, decided to go with the founder who has the most years of experience and is also the one you see on all the commercials :) Dr. Wallerstein!
Dr Wallerstein - 2nd from right
Now, all I had to do was wait for the big day!                                
Stay tuned for Part 2!


  1. I would love to do LASIK in the future, it's so great to hear success stories! Glasses and contacts are such a pain, but my husband and I have decided to wait until after we have kids for me to take that leap.. So, hopefully in the next 10 years I will be glasses & contacts free too!

  2. That's great - something to look forward to! In 10 years I am sure the technology will be even better as well!