Monday, July 1, 2013

Casa Loma (or not)

Happy Canada Day! As mentioned in my previous post, I usually leave the city and go visit my dad in Ottawa for long weekends but since I will be in Ottawa next weekend for a wedding, I decided to stay in town.
                                        simple as that: Canada Day inspiration: 25 DIY ideas, crafts, printables and recipes for July 1st
 I think every person I know under the moon left the city so this weekend was all about resting and me time! Sidenote: if you're wondering where Mr. C was, he currently lives in another province so he wasn't around this weekend ;) More on that topic at a later date!

I ventured out on my bike to Casa Loma. It's essentially a historic site/castle that was built in 1914 and is gorgeous. I have visted it a few times as a kid so I wasn't planning on being a tourist and going inside, but more or less wanted to explore a new area of town.

This is a very popular venue for weddings as well. I've heard there is upwards of a 2-3 year waitlist. Crazy!

Long story short. I never made it to Casa Loma. Not because I fell off my bike like I did one time last year on the way home from work in the middle of rush hour due to a streetcar track and nearly dying, but because I got lost. I sort of got distracted by all the multi-million dollar residential homes in that area and just kept going down sidestreets. The GPS on my phone sucked so alas, I didn't make it.

On my way back home, I stopped in to briefly check out the Pride Parade. Apparently over a million people were watching and it was nutso - and a little entertaining ;).

Apart from that, my weekend was filled with a little online shopping, hitting up the Bath & Body Works semi annual sale, errands and relaxing. It was definitely different staying around town on a long weekend but I think it's just what I needed!

Back to work tomorrow and just a few short days away from a wedding weekend in Ottawa!!!!

Have a great Monday!

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