Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bright, Bold & Printed Shorts

I work in a corporate office where it's business attire Monday to Thursday and on Fridays we dress down slightly. Many moons ago when I was still in university and high school, I would typically have a summer job that required some sort of uniform so my casual summer outfits were always limited.

I've slowly started to build my non office attire wardrobe. A lot of my tops I wear to the office can be dressed down with jeans or shorts on the weekends and when I am shopping around, I really do look for versatility in different pieces. I also live in Ontario where we only have 3-4 months where shorts are acceptable (jealous of all you that live in warmer climates) so there is no need for me to have a closet full of shorts.

Last year I managed to find a style of shorts at Old Navy that I loved and really wish I had bought a few other colours as they don't make the same style anymore.

Old Navy shorts

Sidenote about that photo - it was taken last summer when my boyfriend (who is now going to be called Mr. C here on out) and I went to NYC. I've travelled many times before and know that you're supposed to give change when you take a photo with one of those touristy "things" a smurf. Except, it didn't even PHASE me that I had to give this Smurf change and he kept talking to me and following me but I couldn't hear what he/she was saying. I later realized I didn't give change, woops! Anyways, back to shorts!

This summer, I have been lusting over all the different prints and bright coloured shorts. My most recent purchase were these pretty eyelets from the Gap:


 A Loft store just opened up around me and I have discovered that their shorts fit me well so I may splurge and get a pair of printed shorts like these:


 I have also been eyeing these shorts from the Gap and even saw them in store but didn't have my size. Go check out Veronika over at Veronika's Blushing where she did a post today wearing these cute yellow and white shorts!


I wish I could wear shorts year round but come September I am always excited to start busting out the scarves, boots and warmer sweaters!!

Have you purchased any fun shorts lately?  Inspire me!

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