Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

My goodness. We've been getting some serious rain lately. I am at least thankful that it is WARM now. Previously we were getting rain with cold temps which isn't fun, my friends!

Whenever it rains I think about all the cute rainboots, raincoats and umbrellas. I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite rainy day items:

Pink Hunter boots? Yes please! I actually tried on Hunter boots not too long ago and they were SO heavy. Does anyone else notice that? Perhaps it was just me and my lazy legs.

And this is basically the most adorable effort ever - le sigh:
I have a trench coat from Zara that I got a few years ago. I wouldn't really call it a raincoat because let's face it, it doesn't have a hood and it's not water repellent but at least it keeps me semi dry. Here is a similiar coat to the one I have:

(sidenote: I have no clue if I am doing this whole sourcing thing right...likely not ha!)

Back in university I actually didn't own any sort of rain coat/trench coat. One day in second year, it was POURING rain and I was going to be on campus all day. I literally ran to the mall, randomly bought a North Face coat (90$ - I seriously don't even recall trying it on) and it lasted me up until last year. It then started to fall apart of me. I have since repurchased a North Face black jacket that I use when it's big time rainy. I actually got it at Winners (the equivalent of your TJ Max for all you US people!) for a really great deal. It's definitely not in the "fashion forward" category but it's semi cute and keeps my dry and some days that's all I need!

I always feel like I look like a drowned rat when it's raining. What are your favourite rainy day items? Here's to hoping we see some sun soon!!!!

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