Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Time It Took Me 6+ Months to do a Wall Gallery..

The title of this post ain't a joke.

You see, over the past few years I have really started to get into decorating. I think it largely came from the fact that I own my own condo now and I want it to feel homey. I could browse magazines/the internet for hours looking at home/condo inspirations. I love that it's also a creative outlet and you can make the atmosphere of any room however you like.

I've done a bunch of DIYs and I plan to share some of those items with you in the future. For now, it's all about the (non existent) wall gallery.

I have a fairly long wall in the hallway in my condo which has been needing some extra TLC for quite some time. Here she is:

Sad Wall
Now, way back in the winter a friend and I went thrift store shopping to try to be all super cool like Sherry over at Young House Love ! I found some amazing deals and was shocked at how cheap some of the frames were. I ended up coming home with 7-10 frames. 

One weekend in the winter I painted all the frames white (sorry, don't have the exact colour anymore) with the vision of having most of the frames white with a few gold accents. Then, the frames sat in my front hall for 5+ months...

I walk by them multiple times each time hoping that they would miraculously hang by themselves. That hasn't happened yet so I am hoping sometime in the next month or so I will be able to update you all with a completed wall. 

For now, here are some wall galleries that I am loving:

contained workspace; wall gallery

gloss black, white and gold

love the wall color and huge key!

Wish me luck!



  1. Luck! How is the gallery wall going? I have always wanted to do one, but then I think mine will probably end up just looking crowded. However, I found a picture of one that may have inspired me to go through with it!

  2. Sadly, I have made no progress. It's on my "summer to do" list so hoping I can tackle it this month. Will keep you posted.

    Good luck with yours. I am actually a bit nervous that my wall may end up looking crowded too!

  3. Beautiful inspiration pictures.. When I have done gallery walls in the past, I've cut newspaper in the size of the frames & taped them up on the wall so that I can get a good feeling of how it will look before putting holes in the wall. Just an idea.. Good luck! :)

  4. I love gallery walls! We did a take on a gallery wall up our stairs and now I want to make it even bigger but I think my fiancé would flip because I was a crazy perfectionist during the process. Oh well, at least he knows what he is getting into :)

    Can't wait to see how it turns out!