Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Midweek Randoms!

 The weeks just fly by. I love linking up with Megan and sharing some randomness with you each Wednesday.

  • We had a massive rain storm on Monday night. Cars were literally floating down the highways.
Via The Weather Channel

Via City News

  • Many people lost power and were stranded on their way home from work. The commuters in the above picture had to be rescued by the marines unit! Luckily, I had a doctors appointment after work, so I was home before the storm rolled in. I'm also in a condo so power rarely goes out. Winning!!
  • At said doctor's appointment I found out I have to have a minor procedure in August that I am slightly freaking out about. I am such a worrier.
  • Mr C. and I are planning a fall vacation. This is extremely exciting since the last time I saw him was April. Tear. We're still trying to figure out where to go - ideas welcome!! 
  •  I am loving this anchor mat from West Elm and wish I had space for it. 


  •  Is anyone else weirdly excited for the arrival of Kate Middleton's baby? I am by no means someone who watches the Royals every step, but find myself oddly excited about her pending birth. 
  • I bought a shampoo from Lush months ago and am really loving it. It's the I love Juicy shampoo. Smells delicious and find that it really deep cleans my hair. I don't use it everyday as I consider it more of a clarifying shampoo so I typically alternate between this and another random drugstore shampoo.
             We're halfway through the week!!                                                



  1. Nope, you aren't the only one excited about the royal baby! I just signed up for a text update as soon as the baby is born. Haha. :) Found you via Megan's blog. :)

  2. No way, that is amazing! I need to look into this and sign up too! Priorities ;)

    Thanks for stopping by!