Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday

I am linking up with some fabulous ladies for Five on Friday for the first time!

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I have never felt older in my life than walking home from work the other night and having to pass through the ACC (our main venue for sporting events/concerts), before the start of a One Direction concert. My GOODNESS - so many teens with the shortest shorts possible. I felt old.

Did you ever go to a concert as a teen? I never did. I think my first real concert was 2nd year of university ha!

One D - as all the teens call them


Raspberry Tea - made as iced tea. I am loving this as a night time refreshing drink. Yes, I drink my iced tea out of a Christmas mug. Keepin the spirit alive...

It's been 2 years since I have had lasik eye surgery and am now glasses/contacts free. My friend always jokes that I should be a spokeswoman for the company I did it at because I talk about how amazing it's been like every week. If you have glasses, go get lasik surgery. It is easier than going to the dentist (seriously). It deserves a whole post which will come at some point.


I booked my plane tickets to Ottawa for the August long weekend. We're actually going to Mont Tremblant and I am very excited to see my family and have some rest and relaxation.



I am really enjoying this song at the moment: Gabrielle Aplin - Please Don't Say You Love Me.                         

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. The One Direction concert... laughing so hard! I get sad now that I can't recognize Disney shows! Oh well :)


  2. Haha, so true about the Disney shows too!