Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Online Shopping Addiction - Recent Purchases

My friend introduced me to online shopping a few months ago. I mean, I knew it existed but I swear I had only ordered one thing online prior to this and it wasn't clothing. Gasp. I am now hooked - especially with the Gap and Old Navy because a) I get emails from them daily with sales b) how easy their return policy is and c) how you never have to battle crowds/search for sizes!

I ruined a white tshirt of mine a few weeks ago so I jumped at the opportunity when the Gap was having a 30% off sale to order another. Somehow, I ended up with like 10 shirts - 4 of which were black and two were IDENTICAL- same colour, same size. I need some help.

I returned a whole bunch but I thought I'd show you what I kept!

Essential short sleeve V-Neck T in navy and white. These are amazing and so versatile. Wear them with jeans, shorts, tuck them into a skirt. You can never have too many basics.

Via Gap
I love love Gap's Legging Skimmer Jean and have them in white. I purchased a pair in olive thinking it would be great for the fall. Plus, they were on sale for $17 - originally $80!                                
Via Gap

I picked up a few basic camis and tanks from Old Navy, including the below which I love. I got it for $6.00 and I see that it on sale for $2.99 now. I thought it was a good deal originally but $2.99? Hot damn! ha!

Via Old Navy
I bought this top a while back but I absolutely love it so I wanted to also share. It's not something I would normally buy as I am not really into a lot of graphics but I think this is too cute paired with a blazer.

Via Gap
I'm officially done shopping for the summer. Bring on the fall!

Do you do a lot of online shopping?


  1. Oh my gosh, I am an online shopping addict! I started when I was in college because I went to school in the middle of nowhere, but I still can't stop. When I shop in stores I always figure out what I want to buy online first anyways, and then just go to the store to try it on. I do hate paying for shipping, though.

  2. That's hilarious as I usually figure out what I want to buy ahead of time online now too when I shop in store.

    It would have been bad news if I started in university. At least you had a good excuse.

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