Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! You know the drill. :)

It feels like every Friday I am talking about a long weekend I have! Yes, we just had the Thanksgiving long weekend but Monday is Remembrance Day in Canada which is a federal holiday. Not all businesses close, but mine is one that does so I will be spending the weekend relaxing, doing errands and enjoying some quiet time. Bliss!
Of course, I can't help but think of all of our families who have lost loved ones fighting for our country and those who are stationed overseas.  You are all heroes!
I had a minor procedure on Wednesday to remove a cyst behind my ear (gross, I know). The procedure went well and I didn't experience any pain but holy cow, it looks like he chopped my ear off and sewed it back on. I have about 10 stitches behind my ear right now and the entire lower half of my ear has no feeling - 48 hours later. Disgusting! I am thankful it is now gone as it was a reoccurring issue. Let's just pray that the feeling comes back in the ear!

Fantasy Hockey League update. Remember the NHL league I randomly decided to join at work? Last time I mentioned it, I was in last place. I am now in THIRD place! You heard that right - THIRD! I'm actually really getting into it now and as much as I don't like following hockey every night (or any night), I'm loving this. All the guys at work are wondering how I've climbed to the top - booyah!

I'm on the fence with some of the sweaters in the J Crew fall collections. It's not that I don't like them, I think it's more just I would never see myself wearing them or have the guts to wear them. I really need to start branching out in my wardrobe choices. Here is an example of one I'm on the fence with. What are your thoughts?

Merino embroidered-lace sweater
Further to my post earlier this week about Strange Characters in the City, and in the event you have not heard (though I am certain there are very few people who fall into that category), our Mayor, Rob Ford has admitted to smoking crack cocaine. The very next day, a very disturbing video was released of him talking nonsense about wanting to kill someone. This is the city I live in. Embarrassing.



  1. I hope your ear starts to feel better. Everyone at my workplace is talking about Rob Ford. It's crazy news!

  2. So glad you are okay and hope you getting feeling back in your ear! I like the detailing on the sweater but the sleeves would bother me they are not full then but not 3/4 length either. Your mayor needs to step down, craziness.

  3. I hope your ear feels better!! Have a good weekend!

  4. Again, you're so lucky you have Monday off! Yikes about your ear! I hope it heals soon. I actually have a cyst near my ear too. It's on the side of my head. My hair covers it so I ignore it but whenever I get my hair done, I know my hairdresser can feel it and it's super embarrassing. Was the removal covered by OHIP and/or your insurance?

  5. Have a great Remembrance Day weekend!! I can't believe all the news about Rob Ford. Way to go on the hockey pool and I think that sweater is cute!!!

  6. Ouch! I hope your ear heals quickly! Enjoy your nice long weekend!

  7. I like the sweater but I agree with you. I can't see myself wearing it. Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

  8. I have a cyst on my wrist that's been there for like 5 years. It hurts, but I can't bring myself to get them to cut it off!

  9. Your cyst removal sounds painful! I hope it heals soon! And congrats on your fantasy hockey league - I love when us ladies upset the boys at their own game :) What a weird story about your mayor. I've read a bit about it online, just crazy!

  10. I love the sweater! It's a little different without being weird. DO IT! And so jealous you get tomorrow off - it's Veteran's Day here too, so the banks and post offices and some businesses are closed, but not the school where I work. Hopefully it will at least make traffic light for those of us who have to go in!

  11. OMG hope your ear heals fast! I am super jealous of your long weekend!!