Thursday, November 7, 2013

Things I Learned During Take Our Kids to Work Day

No, I do not have a child that I took to work. I did, however, organize the Take Our Kids to Work Day program yesterday at my office. I've been doing it for the past few years at my various employers as it typically tends to fall into the area I work in. I don't mind it, at all, but every year, I finish the day feeling SO. DAMN. OLD.
For those who are not in Ontario, it's an event run across the province where any grade 9 student has the opportunity to go to work for the day with their mother/father/aunt/uncle/family friend etc. It's to give them a glimpse into the working world, help them start thinking about career opportunities and to understand the importance of staying in school. Most employers put together a whole day of fun activities. It's actually a really great initiative our government has. 
When I was in grade 9 I went with a family friend to our local hospital. It was such a neat experience and I can still vividly remember the day. I wasn't able to go with my dad as he worked for Corrections Canada and my mom was self employed!

It's crazy to be on the flip side now and run the actual program when it feels like I was just a tiny grade 9 kid (read: loser) participating in the program. Time FLIES. After spending the day with a whole bunch of grade 9s (13-14 year olds) yesterday, I realized a few things:

1. Grade 9s don't talk. I swear, they are mute. 

2. Why do I pretend to be cool and fit in with them? I remember my mom doing that with my friends and I and it just made her seem more lame. I AM THAT PERSON NOW. Literally, today I was talking to the kids about what their favourite bands and was trying to be all hip. They weren't having it.

3. They write SO SLOW. I will give them a mini "assignment" or survey to complete that's 5 questions and seriously, some of them took 30 minutes to do it. 30 minutes! The amount of things I do in 30 minutes at work compared to damn!!! I even asked them to speed up and write in point form and they responded with "I need to write in full sentences." BHAHA!

4. They cannot put down their phones. Every 2 minutes they will check it.

5. They think the world ends at 2pm when they normally get out of school. If I could leave work at 2pm everyday with 2 breaks, an hour lunch and not start until 8:30am I'd be a really happy camper. 

Did you have any kids in your office yesterday? Does the US have a similar program in their school systems?


  1. We didn't have anything like that here but it sounds like fun! Though I was a bookish person! I think leaving at 2pm would be awesome!!!

  2. I work in a very small office in the financial district. Any kids that would come here would be bored to tears. So, the only person in our office that has child who is grade 9 sent her with her father instead.

    Although, I'm interested to know what kind of activities you planned for them! I saw some kids yesterday carrying loot bags from different firms. I thought that was really cool and, I kid you not, my first thought was, "I'd love to plan something for these kids!" but I'm not sure I'd know where to begin!

  3. I wish we had something like that here in the US. It's such a neat idea! I loved your observations! Funny and true!

  4. I never had this growing up but it sounds fun!

  5. I remember going to my dad's company when I was a kid. My oldest-little brother is in 10th grade and he is totally like that! Constantly checking his phone....he is a good talker though...its my younger-little brother who is in 7th grade who doesn't's so weird! I don't remember being like that when I was their age.....sheesh, kids!

  6. When I was growing up, we had "Take your daughter to work day." Apparently boys weren't invited! LOL I always went to work with my dad at his bank. One year my job was to give out lemonade and cookies! I like that your office gave assignments and had activities for the kids.

  7. I always wished my dad had a day like this when I was school, but I never got to go to his work for a day like this. I think it would've been fun though! That's so funny that you were talking to them and trying to be hip. I did the same thing when I worked at camp two summers ago! I was dealing with the same age group, and I'm like 'what are y'all into now?' They had all these teeny bopper mags that I read when I was younger, and I didn't recognize anyone!

  8. LOL I so feel you on the trying to relate. I keep wondering when and how I got so old!

  9. Hahaha, I'm totally with you not knowing how to be cool with the younger generation. My sister is only five years younger than me, but trying to talk to her college roomates last year was like pulling teeth haha. I guess your cool level really goes down when you've been out of High School for more than a few years?
    Also, I loved Take Your Kids to Work Day in grade 9 (we had it in AB too). My Dad wanted to get actual work done, so he set me up to watch his companies security tapes and "check for suspicious activity", and I totally caught someone stealing supplies haha.