Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Home Tour with Brian Gluckstein & Other Randoms!

  • I was invited by a sweet friend to attend a Blogging and Social Tour of Princess Margaret Hospital Welcome Home House worth $4million tonight! The best part is that the home was decorated by Brian Gluckstein and we are getting our own private tour by him!Woot!
          Here's the link with floor plans and a photo gallery. So nice and I am so excited to attend and 
          meet the lovely Mr. Gluckstein!

oakville showhome

  • Can I just say that Bill Nye the Science Guy on Dancing with the Stars basically is the best thing to ever be on tv.
  • I bought these chips on the weekend and I am wondering why. I really don't like jalapeno peppers. At all. I can deal with the spice but I hate the taste of jalapenos.

  • It was 4 degrees Monday morning. That's near frost. Winters a coming, friends!
  • Have I mentioned how much I appreciate all you who read my little blog? It's SO fun connecting with you all. One of the best decisions I've made in a while!
  • I was in a crappy mood at work on Monday and Tuesday. All I wanted to do was sit at my desk and not talk to anyone. All day. I ended up booking a meeting room and hiding out all afternoon on Tuesday to work in silence. It was GLORIOUS.
  • Come back tomorrow for a yummy fluff pumpkin dip recipe.
  • I have some REALLY exciting news coming up soon that I'm dying to share with you all!!!


  1. So jealous that you get to go on that home tour! I hope you take lots of pictures and share them!

    Pass those chips on to me! I love Jalapenos!

  2. Is that the house in Oakville? I saw that it has an amazing wine cellar in the basement with a window in the kitchen floor. Jealous!

  3. That house looks amazing!! Have fun! Is it bad that I have book a meeting room too for peace and quiet?!

  4. I should totally go work in the conference room for the day. Blissful silence!

  5. The first point sounds really cool even though I have no idea what any of it means. I hope you can take pics and blog about it!