Monday, September 16, 2013

I Fell in Love with a Cobalt Blue Coat

I haven't purchased a new fall coat in probably about 8 years. Our fall season is so short lived that I find I never really need one long enough to justify buying a new one. That said, if I find one I semi like while out shopping around, I normally try it on or check it out. Most of the time, I don't love it enough to buy it and continue on.

This past weekend I tried on two coats that I fell in love with. I walked away from both and I am hoping one of them goes on sale.

Let's start with one that I tried on and was really cute but didn't fit me right. It was the J Crew Downtown Field Jacket . I tried it on in the green and wished so bad that it fit better. It was way too boxy for me and had no shape.

The downtown field jacket
I then headed to Jacob where I tried on this coat and really loved the fit of it. The problem was that I have a winter jacket that's basically identical to this that I still love. It didn't make sense buying something that was so similar to what I already own. It was cute though!

Lastly, Banana Republic. I fell in love with the most gorgeous Cobalt Wool Coat. The fit is perfect, it's well made, warm AND I don't own anything in this colour. Sadly, it's a bit too expensive for me so I passed it up. It's also wool so I'm guessing it's more of a winter coat anyways. I will say that it is very rare for me to instantly love something as much as I loved this..le sigh!!

See, I feel like by the time I decide what I even want, fall will be over and I'll be busting out my winter jackets.



  1. I hear you about fall being short. I got a nice winter jacket last year from RW&Co. You can always check there!

    I'm still looking for a good trench coat though. I've been looking for years!

  2. I know EXACTLY how you feel! Especially here in Newfoundland, it seems like we completely skip over that season!

  3. Love the color of the last jacket! It is so hard to find a fall jacket! The military green jackets are everywhere or they go complete wool which is more winter!

  4. Fall jackets are so tricky! Love your picks though :)

  5. OMG I want that Banana Coat! Gotta keep my eye out for a lookalike at the outlet!

  6. Oh I love that blue coat... It is beautiful!!!

    I once had this sky blue wool coat from Lands End. And then I grew out of it. Haha. But this one reminds me of it.

    You should totally splurge. :)


  7. love the side zipper on that Jacob coat. want!