Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pinterest Centerpiece Love

I'll be honest and say (along with every other woman) there are a lot of things on pinterest I say I am going to try, and don't. That said, I have tried some things - a ton of recipes, yarn letters, yarn wreath and have built an upholstered headboard courtesy of pinterest.

Here are some things that I really want to give a whirl, or use as an inspiration for decorating my dining/kitchen table come the fall. About 6 months ago, I splurged on a new West Elm dining table and chairs and LOVE them like you wouldn't believe. However, I haven't been able to find the perfect centerpiece as yet, so I think I may start to look at some DIY options.

fall table decor
I tried to put a source for this photo, but the blog on the image doesn't exist.

I love everything about this table centerpiece. The simplicity of it with a small pop of colour. This is totally do-able for the fall and would look great in my space (I think!?). The hardest part would probably be finding some tree branches in Toronto haha!

pottery barn knock off

Again, I absolutely love this. It's apparently a Pottery Barn Knock off. It would also look great on a kitchen counter, but unfortunately, I don't think my kitchen is large enough for this My concern with this one is that I wouldn't ever have enough fruit to fill it up and I sometimes find that the fake fruit looks a bit too fake for me.

To create, cut a flower shape or 3-inch circles from eight layers of tissue paper. Place in a stack. Next, poke a hole through the stack with a pin. Pull the paper off the tip of a twist tie and insert the exposed wire through the paper layers. Twist the wire to create the flower center. Make the flower bloom by gently pulling up one layer at a time.

I'm trying to stay away from candles as my centerpiece because I already have a bunch of them scattered through my condo, but I think with the added wood touch and floral pieces, it breaks it up a bit.

Paint Dipped Pinecones. they look like porcelain flowers!
Another really easy "craft" that would look so lovely in a basket as a for the fall. I picture this done with white and gold pinecones. I wonder if they would look tacky though? Would have it try it out.

Now, let's just see if I actually attempt any!


  1. These are all beautiful!!! You should totally give them a try!

  2. I love the wood dish and flowers and why not replace the candles with the pinecones instead? Even placing them on candelabras to get the height.

  3. Those are all good ideas.. The fruit one would look cute with pumpkins & gourds in the fall & pine comes and greenery in the winter.. They stay longer. Just an idea! :)