Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dear Technology

Brainpop on Technology Tuesday
This image goes perfectly with the post today HA!
I am writing this post as my computer is on the brink of turning off. This post is me ranting about technology, so feel free to skip over. :)

Let's go back to Saturday when I decided to finally stop being so lazy and go exchange my Rogers remote for a new one as my current one had been acting really slow the past 4-5 months. Since I rent my cable box, this was easy-peasy. I was on my way and was happy as a clam as I was walking home feeling accomplished with my new snazzy remote ha!

I'm not going to drag this story out. I promise.

I get home and go to set it up and go to find the code that goes with my TV. Slight issue. There is no Daytek code. I had NO idea Daytek doesn't exist anymore? My TV is seriously only 4-5 years old. I call Rogers, then have me search through like 2000 other codes to see if something would work with no luck. I didn't understand why my old remote was working an hour earlier (but was just slow) and now this wasn't working at all.

Now, I am not THAT lazy and could make do without a remote but the problem was that my TV wasn't working at all now. No volume, no channel changes. Nothing. Awesome sauce.

I go back to Rogers and ask them to give me my old remote back. Heck, I'd rather have a semi working tv/remote than a completely non working TV. They refuse to give it to me claiming "they have had many other remotes returned and they don't know which one is mine." Dude, I was gone about 1 hour. There is no way they had hundreds of other remotes in that time. I finally talk to the Manager and he gives it back to me after I put on my mean face.

I get home thinking that my journey is over. Negative. Wouldn't work. I spent about 3 hours searching online how the heck to fix this issue. Finally fixed it.

I know you're all wondering what I did and I couldn't tell you. HA! I did about 20 different things in those 3 hours so I don't know what the magic formula was. I can tell you to NEVER switch your remote if you "code" doesn't exist anymore. Just don't do it, friends.

My technology story doesn't stop there. Sunday night my computer randomly gave me the blue screen of death and wouldn't turn back on. Do you remember that blue screen from university/college? It was the WORST screen ever and usually meant you lost all your work. Haha! Such horrible memories.

I decided to let it be for the night and try again in the morning. No luck. It is working now but oh man, she's barelyyyyyy running. The kicker of all this? My 1 year warranty on my computer ended 5 DAYS AGO. Life is funny.

Dear technology, I really dislike you.

The end :)

ps. if you don't hear from me for a few days, just know that my computer and I aren't getting along.

I HATE the technology at work.  Love my Mac at home.


  1. Oh no!! Backup your computer ASAP!! Keeping my fingers crossed!! So sorry you have had such a frustrating few days!!

    1. Thanks lady! It's frustrating to say the least.

  2. I think the title of this post should include something about disliking Rogers. Can I just say that I *hate* Rogers! I cancelled my service with them last week and I'm SO happy! The whole two years I was with them, all they did was screw around with me. They gave me the worst customer service ever too.

    Sorry to hear about your computer though. That's never good. Is it a Dell? I swear Dell's always break down right after the warranty is up.

    I hope you get it working again!

    1. Rogers seriously sucks. I have them for internet, phone and cable. I need to re-evaluate.

      I had a Dell in first year university and it died on me within a year. I then switched to a Sony and LOVED it. It lasted me up until last year (and still isn't dead..was just pretty old and outdated). My new one is a Toshiba.

  3. Technology will be the end of me one day, I can feel it! Glad you got your tv working again, though!