Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday

1. Sweet Love
This is the sweetest story. A 96 year old man wrote a song about his wife of 73 years after she passed away and entered it into a contest. You'll have to watch the video to find out the rest. ;)

See, I wasn't lying when I said I had a soft spot for the elderly. I feel like I talk about them in every post ha!

2. Washi Tape
I am seeing a ton of pretty things with washi tape and I need to get my hands on this stuff soon. It adds such a fun, colourful flair to basically anything you want. I recently reorganized under my bathroom sinks and think washi tape will add some colour to my otherwise boring storage containers I have.


Washi Tape Picnic Utensils

3. Pretty Necklaces
Anthropologie jewellery caught my eye a few years ago when I started visiting the new store that opened up in Yorkville. Their pieces are all so unique, well made and just stunning.  I actually don't own any of it, but that doesn't stop me from going into the store and browsing and stalking the website like some crazy person!

Audierne Marble Drops
Turquoise Orbita Necklace
Vinifera Chandeliers
 4. No Water!

I live in a massive condo that's only about 5 years old. Despite the fact that it's still a new condo, it still means there is usually something in the building that is under repair, not working or shut down just given the sheer size of this beast of a condo (65 floors!).

Today I got home to find out the water had been shut off for the whole day and wouldn't be back on until tomorrow. This happens often and is frustrating. Hi, I want to shower, clean my dishes and flush my own toilet. Oh ya, I am paying ridiculous maintenance fees and so is everyone else in this building so hurry up and FIX IT!

That said, whenever the power goes out in the rest of the city, I always have electricity thanks to back up generators so I guess I can't complain. :)

5. Labour Day Sales
 Back to school? Not for me! I am so excited to take advantage of all the sales though! I remember a few years back a friend and I went across the border to Buffalo for Labour Day sales and man, they were killer! Thankfully, Canadian sales are fairly good now too. I actually don't really need anything but I'm sure I'll come home with a few new additions to my closet. Do you plan to do anything shopping?


  1. Great idea with the washi tape and the plastic spoons & forks!


  2. I would be really annoyed about the power too!

  3. Have you checked out Bauble Bar ( They have tons of jewelry at fairly reasonable prices and I've seen quite a few that are Anthropologie-esque without the price tag!

  4. Washi tape can be so addicting! Love the necklace, such a statement piece! Hope your water was fixed and you weren't without for too long.