Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday


This is the most amazing thing you will probably watch today. 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship Opening. I need one of those suits asap. Not gonna lie, it makes me kind of want to dance along HA!


Let me introduce you to the Cronut Burger being offered at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) this year. The CNE is essentially a massive fair with rides, games, crazy foods, performers and has been around for 135 years (it's much different and larger than the Buskerfest I talked about earlier this week -we love our fairs in Toronto). The CNE attracts over 1.3 million people a year!

Anyways, the Cronut Burger is a burger patty with a croissant / donut type of bun. Since the recipe is "so secret" they don't have an official calorie count of it...which probably explains my next point.

Over 100 people have now fallen ill after eating it. The Cronut Burger place (ironically called "Epic Burger") has shut down while the city investigates. Priceless. I can't imagine who WOULDN'T get ill after eating that beast!

CNW Group/Le Dolci


For some other crazy food that they have at the CNE, go check out Alex at Let Life be Like Music. She did an awesome recap!


I can't decide if I like this top. I feel like it's semi cute but part of me thinks that it may look horrific on and turn any woman into an oddly shaped box. What do you think?


This may be TMI, but I have about 3-4 canker sores on my uvula (back of your throat). Oh my goodness - SO SORE. I thought I perhaps was coming down with a cold because I had such a sore throat but was feeling fine otherwise. I've since discovered the canker sores. Warm water and salt are key. If you have any other home remedies, send them my way!


My brain is fried and all I have left to say is happy weekend.


  1. OMG that video is hilarious!! Ummm I think the fat upon fat is the reason for people keeling over when eating that burger! It does look good though! Hope your throat feels better soon! Have a great weekend!

  2. Aw, thanks for linking back to me! That's very nice of you. :)

    Seriously, I feel sick just looking at it. I tried to find a tweet that I read yesterday, but I can't find it now. Anyway, this one guy tweeted a list of disgusting food (including the cronut) that he ate at the ex and then stated how angry he was that he was sick after. Um.. Gee... I wonder why you got sick..

    I hope the canker sores go away soon!!

  3. We have a restaurant here that serves a bacon cheeseburger on 2 glazed donuts instead of a bun. I'm sure it's good but it just seems crazy! It's a rotating special and they have it frequently so lots of people must like it.

  4. Canker sores are so terrible! I hope they heal up soon. Ouch!

    Also, that top is cute, but I can see what you're saying. You can always return it if you don't like the way it looks on your body type!