Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mountains and Sunshine in Mont Tremblant

What an amazing long weekend. I am already in withdrawals with heading back to work tomorrow! I left work on Friday around noon, took the free shuttle to the Toronto City Airport and hopped on a 1 hour flight to Mont Tremblant,. It would be about an 8 hour drive from Toronto which is far too long for a weekend.

Mont Tremblant is in Quebec and is mainly known as a ski resort in the winter months. I grew up skiing there with my family and have so many wonderful (albeit freezing cold) memories with my family. It's actually a year round resort and in the summertime is quite awesome and turns into a cottage country.

Upon arrival at the smallest airport ever, I noticed my dad wasn't there waiting for me which is very unusual. He is normally early for everything. I tried calling him multiple times and there was never any answer. Long story short, he was at the wrong airport, haha! There is an airport closer to Tremblant that he went to but when he got there he noticed it was a dirt runway and was super sketch. He had no idea how my Porter plane (80-90 passenger plane, not a dinky little thing) was going to land there and he wasn't aware that there was any other airport. He asked some random man walking by and it turns out the airport I was at was actually 50km outside of Tremblant. Fail.

Friday night we grilled out, sat out on the deck, checked out the area and went for a short bike ride.

We woke up Saturday morning to semi iffy weather but decided that it wasn't going to stop us! We biked over to the village, browsed some stores, had lunch on a patio, and just relaxed.

Sunday was about the same - biking, walks, lounging outside etc. We decided to do an activity at the base of the mountain called "The Luge." You take the chairlift up the mountain and luge down. We were a bit skeptical with how fun it was actually going to be - but oh my GOSH, best fun I've had in a long time. You control how fast you want to go so we were actually zipping along quite quickly down the mountain. So much fun and we would both do it again!

Here we go!

Dad and I going down - so fun!!

Michele's son, wife and kids were also there this weekend so it was fun to also catch up with them. The weather was still a bit too chilly to consider swimming at the beach or in the lake off my dad's place but nice enough that we weren't roasting when out and about during the day.

Evenings were filled with concerts in the village, long walks and yummy food!

I am so thankful for weekends like this. My family has had a tough few years with my mom's passing 6 years ago and a few other hurdles, so I cherish time I get to spend with my dad now more than I ever have.

If you're ever in the Quebec area, I highly recommend visiting Mont Tremblant - any season!

Have a great week!!!!


  1. That looks like SUCH a beautiful place and that luge looks like at on of fun! I've been to Quebec once maybe 15 years ago, but I loved it. I actually just love all of Canada...hoping to get back there sometime soon!

  2. It is so beautiful and you should definitely pay a visit :)

  3. Wow! It looks gorgeous out there. Looks like such a fun trip! I've always wanted to go to Canada. I got to try luge once when I went to Lake Placid in New York. It was a blast! I would love to do it again. Thanks for sharing this! I don't know anything about Canada at all.

  4. Come visit Canada - it's awesome here!

    Thanks for stopping by.