Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Midweek Randoms

It's Midweek which means we are one step closer to the weekend!!!

  • After my technology issues this week (refer to yesterday's post), I went out after work last night and bought an external hard drive. I've been meaning to get one for, well, years and never got around to it. Only problem is I actually did zero research and literally went into Best Buy and picked up one that looked decent. I'm now doubting that I got one that is too small. I mainly just have pictures and some word documents. Nothing crazy. Will 500gb be enough? I need to research what 500gb versus 1T is too. Ah!
  • I'm not much of a face product junkie and I stick to what I know works well with my skin. Ladies, this is the best moisturize is DA BOMB. I'd consider it one of my" holy grail" products that I can't live without. It's sold at Shoppers Drug Mart (drugstore in Canada). My mom used it for the longest time and I got hooked on it. Unfortunately, I tried their shampoo after I realized how much I loved the face moisturizer and actually really didn't like it so I can't say that the whole line is wonderful. It retails for about $10.00 and lasts me forever. Love it!!!


  • I am finally getting my haircut this weekend. After much debate, I decided to splurge and am going to a fancier salon than I was previously at. I know this doesn't always mean better results but we shall soon find out!
  • It's Buskerfest this weekend! I love going to this event and seeing all the crazy, fun, wild and weird talent that's out there. Do you have this, or a similar event in your city? I feel like every city has something to this nature!

Haha - this photo cracks me up.

  • I am now the owner of a Brita Black Marina pitcher. I'm really drinking to drink the recommended 8 glasses a day (and come no where near that) so thought this would help out. Since when has Brita gotten all fancy with their pitchers?

         What happening on your end?!


  1. That event looks so cool, how fun! And I've always wanted to try Alba products, but can't get myself to steer away from my favorite oil of olay. Maybe next time I'll try Alba!

    1. Definitely recommend trying Alba. It's difficult though, as each persons skin is different so who knows, you may hate it haha! Hope not though!

  2. I want to go to that festival! Looks like a LOT of fun! In hawaii, we have a SPAM festival..LoL ;)
    LOVE the pitcher! I didn't know they made such cute ones!

    1. SPAM festival? LOL! Love it.

      I had no idea they made cute ones either. It actually also came in blue and red as well!

  3. I love Buskerfest! I want to go this weekend but no one wants to come with me. :( Everyone says it's too crowded for them. Granted, it gets super packed but I still think the performers do an amazing job!