Thursday, August 8, 2013

Green Monster & Cliff Bars


Two things I am currently obsessed with: Green Juice & Cliff Bars.

While browsing my local Canadian Tire a few weeks back, I spotted a Magic Bullet on sale for $25.00 and had to have it. Mr. C makes smoothies every morning with his Magic Bullet and raves about it. Compact, easy to clean, powerful, comes with a few different plastic cups etc.


 Every Sunday when I go to the grocery store I basically walk the vegetable and fruit aisle and pick up anything that is green that could be semi ok in my juices. It usually consists of:

  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Kale
  • Green Apple and/or Pear
  • Green Grapes
  • Celery
I usually also have some frozen berries on hand that I toss into it along with a lemon slice for added flavour. Every single time I make it, it's always different (I don't measure - I just shove stuff into the blender) but always tastes SO good. I call it my salad in a cup.

I want to branch out a bit and hear what you put in your green monsters if you make them! I've heard some people do the whole banana and peanut butter which could be ok.

Can't wait to hear! Cheers to green juice!!!!

 Let's talk Cliff Bars. My second love. I eat these things like they are candy. I know they aren't for everyone as they are REALLY high in calories (250 cal) but I need it. My metabolism is insanely fast and I was finding I was eating a solid breakfast then typically a granola bar in the morning and would be starving within an hour. The regular granola bar was not cutting it so I now eat Cliff Bars and I am obsessed.

They taste good and keep me full. A little pricey but I don't even mind. My favourite is chocolate chip but while searching for an image just now I noticed there are tons of other flavours that my local grocery store doesn't offer (carrot cake, macademia nut, pumpkin pie).

While Mr. C and I were in NYC and Boston last year he brought some of these with us and they were life savers when we needed a quick snack in between meals!

I love Cliff!!!!!!

Do you eat them?


  1. That juice looks so good!! Great way to get in a lot of nutrients! I love the Oatmeal raisin walnut Cliff bar but don't eat it too often. Usually on long workout days but they are so good! I also posted my Liebster award post.

  2. I saw your responses! Thanks for participating :)

  3. Are the smoothies sweet? Do they taste like fruit?? I've been curious about drinks like that! I want to try them!

    1. They are pretty sweet and I don't put much fruit in them. The good thing about it is you can make it as fruity or non fruit as you want.
      I wouldn't say mine taste like fruit, but they also don't taste like vegetable. It's so hard to explain :)
      Give it a try!